A Quick Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist


There’s nothing like a long, hot soak in a hot tub to wind things down after a stressful day. That’s why they’re the ultimate luxury at home.

After a lot of use and a lot of time passing, these luxuries need attention. Making sure your hot tub maintenance is up to date is essential to enjoying it for a long time to come.

If you haven’t checked in a while, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick hot tub maintenance checklist to get you up to date.

Water Chemistry

One important aspect of hot tub maintenance is water chemistry. This includes regularly testing the pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels of the water. A quick hot tub maintenance checklist for water chemistry should include balancing the pH levels between 7.2 – 7.8.

It also means maintaining alkalinity levels between 80-120 ppm and keeping sanitizer levels between 3-5 ppm. It is also important to shock the hot tub weekly to eliminate any bacteria buildup.


Sanitization helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs that can be present in the warm and moist environment of a hot tub. This can be achieved by regularly testing and maintaining the proper levels of chlorine or bromine in the water.

Additionally, thorough cleaning and scrubbing of the hot tub surfaces should be done every week to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. By following a regular sanitization routine, you can keep your hot tub safe and clean for all to enjoy.


A clogged or malfunctioning filter can lead to cloudy and unsanitary water, causing potential health risks and decreased enjoyment. It is recommended to clean or replace the filter every 1-3 months depending on usage.

This involves removing the filter and using a gentle brush or hose to remove any debris. It is also important to ensure the filter is properly installed and functioning correctly. To get the best ones, make sure to find the right shop for hot tub filters.

Water Circulation and Water Level

To ensure efficient water circulation, make sure all jets and filters are clean and free from debris. If you notice any clogs or buildup, thoroughly clean or replace the affected parts. It is also important to maintain the proper water level in your hot tub.

Low water levels can cause strain on the pump and damage the heater. On the other hand, high water levels can lead to overflowing and potential damage to the hot tub’s structure.

hot tub maintanance

Drain and Refill

One crucial aspect of hot tub maintenance is regular draining and refilling. This process helps to remove any built-up dirt, oils, chemicals, and water contaminants. This helps in restoring the water’s pH balance and overall cleanliness.

Before draining and refilling, it is vital to turn off all power to the spa and let it cool down completely. After refilling, make sure to balance the chemicals and clean the cover before use.

Take Note of this Quick Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist

Following a quick hot tub maintenance checklist can save you time and money in the long run. By regularly performing these simple tasks, you can keep your hot tub clean, safe, and running smoothly.

Start implementing this checklist today and enjoy a relaxing and trouble-free hot tub experience. Don’t forget to share this checklist with your friends and family!

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