Golf Fits: How to Look Fashionable When Dressing for Golf


Are you struggling to dress for golf? Or maybe you’re having trouble finding the perfect balance of comfort and style?

While it’s a great sport, it takes some time to put together the perfect outfit for the course. Many may know it to be conservative, but lots of people still want to look good in the field. The question is, where should you start?

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect golf fits!

Focus on Blending In

It can be tempting to put on an outfit that stands out when you’re on the field. But with golf, most people expect you to follow the proper dress code and common etiquette.

How golf players dress reflects the sport, particularly emphasizing its class and sophistication. If you want to level up your style, focus on giving off the same vibe.

With this in mind, many recommend picking golf attire that blends with the usual styles. It’s better to choose colors and styles that are more simple and classic than bold.

Instead of focusing on making a statement, it’s better to keep everything cohesive. This way, you can achieve a fashionable look, even if through little changes.

Neutrals Work Best

Many suggest choosing golf clothing in neutral colors. This way, you can find the perfect balance between comfort and style while maintaining the typical golf image.

These colors include everything from browns and creams to navy and green. Whites and blacks also work well.

Neutral tones make your outfit look more polished and sophisticated. At the same time, they’re easier to mix and match with different color schemes. In some cases, it makes different types of fabric fit together.

Note that using this color palette means you should put in a bit more effort if you want to gather attention. Even so, with the right pieces, you’re sure to have an outfit that looks and feels great!

Choose Subtle Contrasts

If you want golf fits to be a bit bolder, consider making contrasts. But rather than putting two bright colors together, you want to focus on creating a subtle balance.

For example, take colors that complement each other without appearing too loud. It can be a light colored top with a dark pair of pants or the other way around.

You can also consider mixing textures, like a lightweight polo shirt with a pair of khakis. Doing so can add visual interest to your outfit while keeping everything put together.

Pair Prints With Plains

You can turn loud prints into fashionable golf outfits by wearing them with plains. With this, you can stand out among other players while maintaining a good balance.

Consider getting vintage golf shirts and pairing them with basic one-color bottoms or shoes in a matching style. Another way to make them work is by putting together patterned bottoms with a plain or lightweight shirt.

A loud print with a plain background and the right color scheme is an appealing combination. At the same time, it adds versatility to your wardrobe.

Avoid One-Tone Looks

While monochromatic looks are one of the best modern styles, they don’t always work out when you choose golf clothing. Sometimes, they come off as dull or uninteresting when you’re on the field.

For one-tone looks, it usually depends on the style of each piece. At the same time, it’s best to ensure it fits you well. This way, it counters the basic feeling by diverting attention to a different part of it.

You may also consider adding a specific feature that makes it stand out, whether it’s an accessory or a pop of color.

Use a Color Chart

If you aren’t sure about what colors to choose, it’s good to refer to a color chart. It helps you see which shades make a great combination and determine what vibe it gives off.

Using a color chart to guide your outfit choices can help you coordinate the rest of the pieces better. Additionally, it allows you to practice how well you can put them together on your own.

Make Sure It Fits Well

Some styles can come off as unappealing when they don’t have the perfect fit. So, you want to make sure you pick clothes that complement your body type.

Golf is the type of sport that focuses on your form, so a shirt or pants that aren’t a perfect fit may be noticed. Moreover, it could affect how you play due to comfort levels.


Well-tailored clothes can boost your confidence, appearance, and performance on the course!

Keep It Comfy

When you decide on what to wear golfing, it’s essential to get comfy attire, even if it means sacrificing style. But if you value fashion as much, consider balancing it out with a stylish piece.

Note that it doesn’t only refer to your tops, bottoms, and shoes. It also includes your accessories, from bags and jewelry to gear and protection.

Some pieces won’t come with the most modern styles or designs. Instead of taking them out, consider using them to add personality to your outfit by working around them.

Let’s say you have white gloves with black streaks. You can wear a black and white outfit to make the outfit look cohesive.

Accessorize Minimally

Some recommend accessorizing minimally when you’re on the WA. Although it’s tempting to add several extras to simple golfing clothes, you can achieve more with less of them.

A quick tip is to wear fewer accessories but ensure they’re enough to stand out alone. This way, you can still elevate your style while keeping it subtle.

For example, you can add a sleek belt or an understated watch. Other options include thin or light-looking bracelets or necklaces.

Put Together the Perfect Golf Fits With These Tips

Coming up with golf fits that balance out function and fashion takes a lot of work. You should have a good understanding of the dress code and know which pieces work well together.

Additionally, it’s good to consider themes, accessories, and other related factors.

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