A Guide to the Different Types of Civil Engineer Jobs

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Civil engineering is only for those working on massive projects with budgets in the millions. But the truth is that you have civil engineering in your everyday life. And there are many types of civil engineering jobs worth pursuing.

So what is it? Civil engineers focus mainly on planning, managing, and maintaining the built environment. Buildings, roads, bridges, and more fall under their purview.

If you are interested in a career in this field, you want to know the types of civil engineering jobs. You want to determine which one might be right for you. Let’s take a look.

Civil Engineering Consultant

It is a type of civil engineer job that consults with various clients. They advise on different solutions for different issues or projects. Some of the everyday tasks are:

  • reviewing drawings and plans
  • evaluating construction sites
  • advising on construction processes
  • Preparing bids and contracts
  • developing strategies for cost savings

They must have an advanced degree and experience in the specialized field. They must also have strong oral and written communication skills, as they are often called upon to explain engineering solutions to clients or other professionals.

They must also have strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. They are expected to develop creative solutions to complex engineering problems. You can check civil engineering services for your career development.

Civil Engineering Technician

This job requires a strong understanding of civil engineering principles. They need excellent geotechnical, mathematics, and technical skills. This job entails:

  • Preparing plans and sketches for structures
  • installing surveying
  • testing equipment for assessing designs
  • overseeing construction
  • inspecting construction sites
  • ensuring that the building meets requirements and codes

They must be able to liaise with clients and understand technical drawings. This job is an exciting career development option for those interested in building and designing structures.

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Civil Engineering Business Development

It is an essential job within the civil engineering industry. It involves understanding the civil engineering field and its technical aspects. Business development includes expanding the scope of services the civil engineering business offers. It creates a competitive edge within the industry. It identifies new markets and new opportunities.

They should know the competitive landscape. They should have the ability to negotiate and develop efficient business strategies. It is an ever-changing field. It can provide exciting challenges for those looking to make a career of it.

Marine Engineer

Marine engineers specialize in designing, constructing, and repairing ships, boats, and marine vessels. They create new maritime infrastructure. They must be masterful problem-solvers to ensure these vessels’ continued safe operation and efficiency.

They must have a working knowledge of engines, propulsion systems, moorings, and stability. They also need a deep understanding of how the components that make up marine vessels interact.

Check Out the Different Types of Civil Engineering Jobs

The different types of civil engineering jobs can be an excellent career choice for anyone interested in architecture, physics, or engineering. With all the paths you can take within this career, there is something for everyone.

If you believe civil engineering is a perfect career choice, contact your local college and research the available educational options.

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