Can You Lay Sod Over Existing Grass?

You Lay Sod Over Existing Grass

Outdoor living is one of the most popular trends in home design. More and more homeowners are sprucing up their backyards with decking, fireplaces, and more. For many, a pristine green lawn is a must.

If you’ve recently started your home improvement projects, you might be considering using sod as the finishing touch to your lawn. But can you lay sod over existing grass? Is it even possible?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Can You Lay Sod over Existing Grass?

Laying sod over existing grass may seem like an attractive option for creating a lush green lawn quickly. However, it is not always the best choice. For a successful outcome, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration.

Soil Preparation

To ensure that your soil is ready for the papering of sod, you should weed the existing grass vigorously and clear away any dead or dying material. The soil should then be spaded or rototilled to a depth of 8-10 inches. This will create your ideal seedbed.


It is essential that the soil is leveled well and free of lumps and bumps to promote even sod growth and prevent the formation of dead spots. It is also required for efficient drainage and water absorption.

Sod Thickness

When laying sod, the ideal thickness is 2 1/2 to 3 inches, although this may vary depending on the type of sod you are using.

Weed Control

Existing grass should be sprayed with an herbicide to remove all weeds. If not done properly, any existing weeds will grow through the new sod, creating an unsightly eyesore and discoloring the lawn.

dew field grass green lawn


Different grasses and sod types are configured differently and have specific growth requirements. But as long as the new type of sod is compatible with the existing grass, you should be able to lay the sod over it.

Pros and Cons of Laying Sod Over Existing Grass

Laying sod over existing grass can immediately provide the instant gratification of a full lawn. It can also fill wide gaps in the lawn before the grass seed has time to grow.

However, sod is more expensive than just buying grass seed. Additionally, if the existing grass has weeds or insects, they may transfer to the new sod.

Proper Aftercare for Sod Installation

After installing sod, proper aftercare is essential for ensuring that the sod is healthy and established quickly. Water the sod daily until it has established a sound root system.

Mow the sod as needed, and wait approximately four weeks before applying a fertilizer. Keep the area debris-free and watch for signs of pests or diseases. Regular overseeding and topdressing will also help to keep it looking thick and healthy.

Proper lawn care with the help of experts will help keep your sod healthy and green for years.

Have a Fresh Lawn With Sod Today

For the question, “Can you lay sod over existing grass?” the answer is yes, it can be done, but it’s not always the best option. It is essential to recognize that some pre-existing conditions must be satisfied first before any sod layer is attempted. Researching the topic and understanding the potential risks and challenges is also essential.

What are you waiting for? Transform your unattractive lawn with a beautiful, lush sod today!

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