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Platinum Credit Card

The ideal way of choosing any credit card from several options is to compare various credit cards to arrive at the decision. This article will help you to choose the best one from Quicksilver vs platinum credit card.

To compare any credit card there are two lines of actions. The first one is when you compare the credit cards from two different finance companies or banks and the second one is when you compare two credit cards from the same company or bank.

Obviously, there are going to be easy-to-figure-out differences between credit cards if you are comparing two credit cards from the same bank. You can avail these quicksilver & platinum card offer online on website getmyoffer capital one.

So if it is going to be an easy one to figure out the differences, it will be a tough one to choose from these credit cards because most probably they are going to have completely different major features in them.

Keeping this in view this article will quickly compare Quicksilver cash rewards credit card and the Platinum credit card from Capital One.

Comparative Analysis Of Quicksilver VS Platinum Credit Card:

Firstly, as both credit cards are from the Capital One bank you can use the online service or the app no matter which credit card you’re using. Moreover, you can use the app to manage and to review your credit card activity, make payments, and keep track of the usage of your credit card.

Furthermore both credit cards don’t have an annual fee or even any fee for international transactions. 

Moving on the platinum credit card can be applied for if you have a bit lower credit score, however, the Quicksilver cash rewards credit card requires a credit score of greater than 690.

Furthermore, another major difference between the two is that the Platinum credit card doesn’t offer any kind of reward or cashback will. Whereas Quicksilver credit card offers a constant cashback reward for every purchase you’ll make. 

man hand holding Platinum Credit Card

Moreover, the APR associated with Quicksilver credit card is much lower than that of the Platinum credit card. Although platinum credit card doesn’t charge any APR on late payments, there is a fixed fee of $39 for every late fee.

In favor of platinum credit card, this card doesn’t have any balance transfer fee associated whereas a 3% balance transfer fee is attached with Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card.

Apart from these comparative features, there are none worth-mentioning differences or similarity between the two cards. Real life example can be difference between dieing vs dying which are comonly used in daily life. Similar u need to know the differences between cards as well.

Final Verdict On Quicksilver Vs Platinum Credit Card:

Both, Quicksilver and Platinum Credit Card come from the same Capital One Bank and therefore are equally reliable. However, both have their strengths, making them ideal for respective clients.

In short, if your credit score is somewhere below 690 then the Platinum Credit card would be a good choice. Whereas for clients with credit score of greater than 690, Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card is a much better option.

So, customers with lower credit score can work a bit on their score via the Platinum credit card before applying for a Quicksilver credit card.

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