12 Health Benefits of Water Backed by Scientific Research

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Water not only quenches our thirst but also provides our bodies with uncountable benefits.

We were always advised by our elders to drink 8 glasses of water daily, but we never tried to discover what the real reason behind it was, all we know is that we can’t live without water. But why is that so?

The reason our body needs water desperately is that 60 percent of our body weight is entirely based on water. According to the US geological survey, our body uses water in every single cell, tissue, and organ to carry out all the processes. This means that water is needed for almost everything.

It entirely doesn’t mean drinking water everywhere. Water isn’t safe in every part of the US. That is why people use water filters and softeners in their homes and offices. We don’t recommend anyone to use tap water for drinking or use for cooking. Do you wonder if new york tap water is safe to drink or not? It is, No.

All scientific research is based on soft water and drinkable water. Using contaminated water will never bring the benefits you are looking for. Instead, it may cause serious health issues. That is why it is wise to have a whole house salt-free water softener.

Prevents Dehydration

When you are working out a lot of suffering from diseases that squeeze all the fluids out of your body such as diarrhea or typhoid then the chances of your body becoming dehydrated rises, so the most important thing you need at that moment is a large amount of water.

Taking water after short intervals during exertion can prevent your body from going into dehydration. That’s why athletes are advised to drink water throughout the game and nursing mothers are suggested to take water and juices during the feeding periods so that their bodies can’t run out of water.

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Health Benefits of Water Backed

Flushes out the Toxins

A sufficient amount of water helps in flushing away all the toxins and wastes out of our bodies. A major quantity of toxic chemicals and waste products are flushed out via perspiration and excretion.

So, the more we drink water, the more we sweat, urinate and defecate and the more toxins are washed out of our body, thus circulating fresh blood in our veins and keeping us in good health. 

Helps in Digestion

Water is a great way of improving your digestion process. The main reasons behind bad digestion are an insufficient breakdown of food and taking in insoluble fiber. In both cases, it becomes difficult for the small and large intestines to carry out the process of digestion properly.

However, water can help overcome this problem as it helps in the breakdown of larger molecules thus helping the body absorb vital nutrients. Moreover, water also converts the insoluble fiber into a gel-like substance thus helping the process of digestion to slow down.  

Helps you Even When you are not Drinking it

Who says that water benefits you only when you are intaking it. Water provides numerous benefits to your body and skin when you are swimming. Water enters our skin and unclogs pores thus flushing out all the dirt and allowing our skin to breathe, moreover, it also helps people with MS in reducing pain during swimming.

Helps Treat Migraine

Water is also proven to treat migraines and many other types of headaches. Many researchers have declared that headaches are a symptom of dehydration, so drinking an adequate amount of water can help you relieve your headaches.

However, even if your headache is not because by dehydration, water can still help in reducing the pain.

Relieves Constipation

Constipation is one of the most usual yet dangerous disorders, and ought to be said “mother of all diseases”. Luckily, you don’t have to take dozens of medicine to relieve it, all you have to do is drink a big amount of water daily and it can cause your constipation to go away.

Constipation is categorized by irregular bowel movement as well as difficulty in excreting the feces. According to a study, water improves these irregular bowel movements and helps in maintaining the consistency of stools.

The major cause of constipation is using unfiltered water. We strongly recommend you hire a cheap handyman in NYC to install a water filter at home or office.  

Reduces Hangovers

Water is also proved to reduce hangovers. Drinking alcohol may result in the loss of water which eventually can lead to dehydration.

Intaking water after every glass of alcohol can help prevent dehydration and can also save you from those unpleasant hangover effects that you experience after consuming alcohol.

Helps in Weight Loss

Though it might sound funny to you you’ll have to trust this, as scientific studies have also proved this concept. Water does help in losing weight, even so, it might not show apparent results immediately, but still, it can give a little hand in weight loss.

Water intake speeds up the metabolism of our body, and as we know that metabolism helps in burning a small number of calories in your body, so when the water increases the rate of metabolism, it also increases the number of calories burning during the process.

Boosts up Energy Level

Lack of water can leave you feeling dizzy and tired as it causes the flow of oxygen to slow down. This is because the heart has to exert more pressure to pump oxygen to different body parts.

As a result, less amount of oxygen is provided to the brain which then leads you mentally and physically fatigued and worn out. But drinking a lot of water helps both your mind and body to stay energized.

Balance our Body Fluids

We all know that 60 % of our total body is composed of water. Water is needed for pretty much everything, whether it is transporting the nutrition, regulating the body temperature, or carrying out the digestion, all these processes are being held with the help of fluids.

So drinking water helps keeps the ratio of all our body fluids balanced thus maintaining all the bodily processes properly.

Provides Protection to Our Tissues, Joints, and Spinal Cord

Not only does water benefit our bodily processes, but it also helps our tissues and joints to stay hydrated. The joints and spinal cord in our body need to stay hydrated all the time otherwise they won’t be able to perform their duties properly.

Running out of hydration will cause them to run out of lubrication between them ultimately. Therefore, drinking water is essential to keep the joints, tissues and spinal cord lubricated, thus keeping our body healthy and fit.

Keep Kidneys in Good Health

Drinking a sufficient amount of water prevents us from numerous kidney disorders like kidney failure, kidney stones, urinary infections, etc.

Water helps the kidney to flush away all the extra material and waste products from the blood and promote fresh and pure blood to circulate all over the body.

Moreover, water also helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones as it dissolves all the waste products within it, and therefore chances of becoming clumps of waste material decreases. 

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