Swim Up: Advantages of Installing an Above-Ground Lap Pool

Advantages of Installing an Above-Ground Lap Pool

Are you enjoying the summer weather but feeling like something is missing? You might feel like installing a swimming pool is the answer.

Installing an above-ground lap pool is a good idea and a fun way for the whole family to dive into summer! There are plenty of advantages to installing an above-ground pool.

As with most things, prices can be deceiving, depending on the type of pool you have. This is the perfect compromise between a traditional pool and something much more cost- and time-intensive.

Keep reading to learn more about lap pools and why they’re the perfect addition to your summer fun!

Requires Less Maintenance and Upkeep

The pool itself is seamlessly integrated into its surroundings. It can fit into almost any outdoor space without needing extensive landscaping or labor.

Additionally, you need fewer chemicals and filtration for an above-ground lap pool as compared to in-ground pools. Meaning, that you need less effort to ensure clean and safe water for swimmers. Since an above-ground lap pool sits above the ground, it is less susceptible to flooding, and less energy is needed to heat the water.

To ensure your pool and its surrounding areas do not encounter any serious leaks or damage, it is important to get pool leak detection for this area from a reputable contractor in town. This is a great way to prevent any damage to your above-ground pool as well as aiding in helping to reduce your long-term costs.

Can Be Used Year-Round

The pool can also be covered to block out weather elements and keep the pool water at the desired temperature. An extra advantage of an above-ground lap pool is its portability. If a move is necessary, the pool can be broken down and taken with you.

modern pool design

Thus, its use does not have to be limited to one location. Thus, if you want to enjoy a wonderful lap pool experience throughout the year, an above-ground pool is a great solution as it is easily maintained in any type of weather and you can it anywhere you go.


It is a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-ground pool and is usually much faster to install as well, with a typical pool installation taking only a day or two. Less specialized equipment and fewer materials are needed for the construction, allowing the total cost to be lower than an inground pool.

The maintenance costs of an aboveground pool will also be cheaper, as less water is used and it doesn’t need complex filters and pumps to keep it clean and hygienic. Because the pool is not making contact with the soil, it has fewer issues with algae and bacteria, which means fewer chemicals and lower maintenance costs.

Discover the Amazing Benefits of an Above-Ground Lap Pool

An above-ground lap pool is the ideal way to save money and space while still enjoying the benefits of a traditional lap pool. With the cost-effectiveness and convenience of installation, it’s no wonder that lap pools above ground have become a popular choice. Taking all of these advantages into account, why not consider it for your home?

Now that you’re more familiar with the lap pool construction method, what’s next? Use the resources on our blog to learn more about swimming and water safety. Be sure to check out our other articles to learn more.

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