Cleaning Your Orange County Pool

Orange County Pool

Having a swimming pool is all fun and games until it comes to cleaning the water which gets polluted with all kinds of contaminants. And it gets worse with a poor maintenance routine. If you want to soak in sparkling and glistening water, you must get yourself ready for a small guide that we have put together. So, let’s get started, shall we? If you are looking to make a new one then you can look for pool contractors in orange county and get the job done.

How to Clean your Orange County Pools?

1. Skim the Surface

Before we stick our noses into the difficult bit, we must get the water from our Orange County pools as visually as possible. For this, you can use an ordinary skimmer — a net having a pole attached to it. Use a long skimmer if the middle of the structure isn’t within the reach.

Skim off anything you find floating on the water — whether it be toys, leaves, branches, or even the carcasses of bugs. It may take a while, but it is an absolutely essential step to remove the contaminants manually before moving on to the filtration part.

If the debris has sunk to the bottom, you may struggle to get them out. Ensure you get the most out of using the skimmer, and the rest you can leave to the machines. Do this daily, especially if you have plants or trees around your Orange County pools.

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2. Install a Water Filter System 

Having a filter system installed in your Orange County pools is as essential as lungs in your body. Without it, the pool would turn into a greenish mesh of filth. Therefore, invest in an effective filtration and pumping system to achieve the ultimate cleanliness.

The pumps and filter work together, forcing the water to circle around to remove the unwanted impurities. How well the water is filtered depends upon the filter micron level and the efficiency of the pumps. That is why make sure you get the right equipment, which goes with the amount of water you want filtered every day.

Ideally, your orange county pool filters should run 24/7 but that would cost a fortune. So, we suggest a 12 hours cycle of filtration daily.

3. Make Sure the Filters are Cleaned

Of course, they have a finite lifespan and need to be cleaned and replaced after a certain while. All the dirt and debris are bound to make your filters clogged. You should clean it once a month at the bare minimum for which you can take the mesh screens out and soak them in a cleaning solution until the dirt is removed.

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4. Run a Water Test occasionally

In addition to visual dirt and pollutants, water is home to microscopic contaminants like bacteria, fungus, and viruses. What would you do about them if you can’t sense them? This is where a water test comes in. You can hire professionals or do it yourself using a water testing kit. The results show an average percentage of pathogenic infestation in the water of your Orange County pools. And as per the reports, the necessary steps are taken to eliminate these impurities.

5. Pay Attention to the Chemical Balance

As mentioned earlier, the unattended pool water is a storehouse of bacteria and other germs, which you must remove. Otherwise, a few minutes in that water could be detrimental to you and your family’s health. With that being said, certain chemicals are used to kill such pathogens that are a great risk for your body. What are they? What other elements do you need to maintain? Let’s find out.

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pH Level

It is a no-brainer that acid burns the skin, right? Long-term exposure to pool water having a pH level of less than 7.2 can trigger the same reactions. That is why sometimes your eyes and skin hurt after taking a swim in unclean water. The safe range of pH is between 7.2 to 7.6. Fluctuations in this range will not only irate your skin but also damage the expensive equipment you have in your Orange County pools.

For acidic water — having pH lower than the aforesaid range — use baking soda to neutralize the effects. On the other hand, use acids like muriatic acid to increase the pH to the normal range.

Chemical Level

Your filters cannot get rid of the tiny bacteria carrying all sorts of diseases. For them, you need a more effective solution — chemicals like chlorine and bromine. When mixed in water chlorine forms a hypochlorous acid, which is deadly for bacteria but harmless for human skin in a small quantity. The quantity you need depends on the size of your orange county pools. For instance, 52 to 104 oz of chemical in 10,000 gallons of water is an ideal dilution.

6. Treat the Green Water

Ever seen a greenish layer on or inside ponds? That’s algae that can also bloom in your orange county pools, especially during warm weather. If not treated in time, they can cover the whole pool, making it slimy and filthy. It happens when you have been lazy during your maintenance schedule. And when it has taken over your pool, removing it would take a good deal of effort.  Here are a few tips for keeping the algae from ever blooming and treating the green water:

  • Skim Off the Large Chunks: Turning the filter own amidst the chunky mess would be a huge mistake. And you might end up destroying your equipment. You may therefore need to remove the large particle as much as you can. Use a big net or even a skimmer to remove the slime along with the additional debris, leaves, branches, and other organic matter.
  • Adjust the pH Level: Any ups and down within the afore-mentioned alkalinity range will only help the algae to spread. Make sure it is within the safe point.
  • Shock the Pool: It is about adding chlorine in a large amount to disintegrate bacterial and algae masses on a large scale. The amount you require depends on the condition of your orange county pools. For instance, if you can’t see the bottom, you may need double the amount than regular. But on average, you need 1 lb. for every 10,000 gallons of water.

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