What are the Things to Remember when Signing a Bail Bond Contract?

Bail Bond Contract

The police may have arrested a family member, friend, or loved one of yours, and it is upon you to help them. You can get busy with the bail process without realizing what you need to know before getting into legal matters. For example, you can sign a bail bond on their behalf so that they are out of jail. But do you know what a bail bond is actually? It is an insurance policy that your bail bond company will submit to the prison, ensuring that the defendant will appear in the court and abide by the rules.

If you visit a reliable bail bonds agency, such as Marietta Castle Bail Bondsman, you can rest assured of getting full assistance and support. Still, it would be best if you had some basic awareness to avoid any unwanted surprises. To be precise, these companies usually charge 10% of the total bond amount set up by the judge for your loved one’s release from jail. If the penalty amounts to $10,000, you will have to pay $1,000 to the firm to process the bond. However, it is always better to enquire about the fees in advance to have clarity of mind from the beginning. Also, this is non-refundable as it is the service charge of the bail bonds company.

The Responsibilities of an Indemnitor

When you sign a contract, you, in a way, assume the responsibility of the defendant along with the bail agency. You have to see to it that the person appears for court hearings without any miss. And if the accused fails to attend court, you will have to pay additional charges. Besides, if the defendant is absconding, you will have to shoulder the whole responsibility to clear the total bail amount determined by the judge. If there were any collateral involved during the contract signing, the same would go into the bond payment. You will not be able to recover it.

At the same time, it is essential to know that someone may not make it on the court date due to unusual circumstances, such as the sudden illness of the child or a vehicle breakdown. If it happens, you or the defendant can inform the agency in advance.

Point to consider when you become an Indemnitor

With the signing of the contract, you technically become an Indemnitor and take charge of the bail bond amount while the bond is active. Hence, if you take this decision for someone, make sure you are fully confident. Otherwise, it can be a personal or financial risk that you are getting yourself into without proper judgment. You cannot go back. If everyone follows the terms and conditions of the bond, and everything goes right, you and the bail bonds agency will no longer have any responsibility.

Bail Bond with law hammer

In essence, if you plan to represent someone, make sure that the person is close and trustworthy. You should also have explicit knowledge about the person’s background. When you are sure you know every important detail, you can take a plunge and help your family or friend, whoever it can be.

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