How does Tweaking your SEO Page Titles Help in the Ranking of a Website?

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SEO is a techie method that is used to improvise the quality and amount of website traffic. It is done by augmenting the visibility of a website or a webpage to web-surfers of a search engine. Now, SEO is an important task for every website owner because it uplifts the ranking of his/her website to the top of the search list. This increases the visibility of the website and also the scope of frequent visits. One of the notable ways of ranking a website through SEO is tweaking the SEO page titles. Let us discuss some tips to tweak page titles. You can check out SEO Agency Perth which can help you in optimizing your website.

Inclusion of Trendy keywords in the title

To rank a website, SEOs focus on the inclusion of primary keywords while writing titles. The position of keywords is usually kept at the beginning. As the title appears in the H1 tag, it causes an increment in the ranking. This trick works efficiently for blog posts rather than commercial intent. The resulting title may be too long for product pages. It is hard to expand such page titles with extra info.

Optimization of Titles and Meta Description for Clicks

The most clickable things for a user are titles and Google snippets. Thus regular optimization of them can cause an immense CTR boost. Title and meta description are two things that attract users mostly. So to make them attractive, they should be bestowed with attractive features and keywords. One can either take the help of various SEO services or analyze the keywords used by competitors and think of some unique keywords of one’s own.

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Improvisation of Semantic Relevance of Page Titles and Pages

The search engine of different browsers uses special mechanisms which allow them to understand the connection between words, notions, and web pages. They analyze some factors which do their semantic search into reality. In short, it can be said that a better ranking can get without using some chosen keywords again and again. SEO ranking can be increased by building a cloud that consists of keywords related to the topic and using them deliberately in page titles and contents.

Customization of Mobile-Friendly Page Titles and Links

Targeting mobile users is the foremost job for a website holder. As maximum people surf the net through their mobiles, the website owners shall make their websites more mobile-friendly. Customizing the page titles and even also the links can make them more responsive to palm devices. SEO rankings can also be increased by making the contents of pages more readable on mobiles.

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Earning and Checking Backlinks

Backlinks are a beautiful way of increasing visibility in search pages and SEO rankings. Various users and other web pages always find sites that have their required info in the best sense. This is done by seeing attractive and indulging titles that make the visitors click on the links. Backlinks act as an indicator that indicates the number of web pages that find a site valuable enough to link to it. This also increases the SEO ranking by all means.

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Linking of Target Page Titles with Other Authoritative Content

SEO rankings can also be uplifted by linking the targeted page titles with authorized content. These contents should also belong to websites that have higher SEO rankings. The links have to be created by using keywords in the anchor texts. Usually, these anchor texts do not become a huge ranking factor. But it may offer relevancy indications to Google so that it can understand the value of the keyword of the page.


Reading this article, it can be said in a nutshell that SEO rankings for a website are as important as oxygen for human beings. They can make a website the most valuable one. So to run a website well, SEO is important. And for doing SEO, the above said tips should be followed.

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