Gift Cards as a High-Volume Revenue Source for Restaurants

person hand holding a gift card

As coronavirus interrupts the USA, restaurant proprietors, as well as different agents, are looking for alternate ways to produce much-needed earnings for their enterprises. The first and main step to be open for providing electronic gift cards, specifically with everybody’s social distancing. Many big restaurant franchises made their first moves in that direction a long time ago. Thus, TGI Friday’s gives an opportunity to purchase gift cards online on their site while Applebee’s gift card balance can be easily checked online on many websites. And the list of such restaurants can be continued to infinity.

Here is the question: why gift cards are so popular in the USA market? The first answer is that they help to develop immediate revenue. Gift cards stand for an instant resource of profits, something that might be specifically important for little, independent, and local restaurant companies today.

For customers, the desire to help their beloved dining establishments, ordering these cards is a fantastic way to assist businesses and keep them alive. Card sales function as an instant money infusion for dining establishments that might encounter difficulties during that severe period.

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Restaurants should use their websites and social networks to promote their new technology solutions which enable customers and potential clients to participate in this online program and stay home to follow social distancing guidelines. This is vital as nowadays around 40 million Americans are mainly sitting at home and trying to decrease the spread of coronavirus. According to The National Restaurant Association, the losses for businesses might reach up to $210 billion and 5 to 6 million workplaces.

At this unsure time, creating extra income is essential to all enterprises. That is why executing a gift-card program could be specifically essential now. Below are several reasons:

  • Gift cards develop income. The dining establishment obtains the cash money in advance. When the card is retrieved, and the check is more than the money on the card, customers cover the difference with their cash which is a normal situation. If they order less than the card cash balance, they will likely order something once again to consume the staying balance because they have such an opportunity.
  • Free marketing. Mentioning your restaurant’s logo or different pictures on the gift card is a great way to promote your restaurant.
two person sharing gift card
  • Cards develop commitment. Successful gift card programs maintain clients returning even more. Around 2% of Starbucks’ revenues come from its gift card program. And it is necessary to create a special program that motivates consumers to refill their cards for regular purchases.
  • They are quickly accessible. If you provide a digital card opportunity on a smartphone application, clients may purchase them or use them in any situation. That is necessary for nowadays environment.

In Rockland, there is a small Winery Farm operating that their wine tasting premises which are also used as an advertisement area for their gift cards promotion. Every week they send email letters or invites through Facebook and Instagram to their core customers and potential clients to visit their places and participate in different events. By doing this, Rockland Winery covers its risks by generating additional cash flow now to maintain functions going.

Making the first step is always difficult, especially when you do not have any knowledge in that sphere. That is why we have prepared small tips that will help you at the very beginning.

Maintain it easy. Make it amazingly easy for consumers to acquire your cards. You must have an easy check-out process so they can make the order.

Sell to the ideal consumer. When you are prepared to begin marketing the cards, ensure you market them to the people who are more than likely to purchase your service or product. For instance, if you are a regional organization, market it to the instant area.

Recommend uses: Gift cards are good for personal use, however, lots of clients are buying cards to treat health care workers and very first clients to the dish.

Be honest as well as clear. When you share your message, talk from the heart. Have a story that clarifies why you require the assistance, as well as an addition to why your gift cards are worth to consumers to utilize now, later, or to hand out.

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