4 Advantages of Converting HTML Files to PDF Files

Converting Files

Before I drop the advantages of converting HTML files to PDF files, let me first introduce the meaning of HTML and a little bit of its history. If you’re not familiar with HTML, it’s an acronym that stands for Hypertext Markup Language; HTML was created in the year 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. The very purpose of why HTML exists is to produce a file that will be displayed to the World Wide Web.

The Web page you can see on the Internet is because of HTML; it is exposed by HTML code, this code sees to it that the pictures and texts for your Internet browser are correctly arranged and composed. Without the help of HTML, your browser won’t perform well; it will not exhibit files, images, or other elements.

So much for its usage and history, Buddy, let’s now proceed to our ultimate goal, knowing the advantages of converting files to PDF files. Most of the questions keep on bothering us are, why do we need to change HTML files to PDF files? What are the benefits we can gain when we convert it to PDF? There’s only one way to find answers to those questions, and that’s reading this article until the end!

You Can Highlight and Comment on the File

The best thing when you convert your files to PDF files is, it allows you to highlight or comment on the document itself. Aside from highlighting and commenting, if you’re catching a deadline, this is the answer to the pile of works that need to be submitted as soon as possible.

If you haven’t found a tool that allows you to convert HTML to PDF files, you can use the PDF Bear Online tool to do your task. This website works effectively and efficiently, so there’s nothing to fret about, Pal.

The good thing about this converter is, it allows you to convert your files in just a second. By just clicking the Convert to PDF button, the PDF bear tool will immediately convert the HTML file to PDF file. Yes! As easy as that, you got the PDF file you need.

You Can Read it Offline:

Referring to what I’ve said earlier, HTML comes in code, that’s why we need PDF to translate all of them. Aside from the idea that it decrypts a code, it is also advantageous for everyone who doesn’t have enough Internet data or isn’t connected to the Internet since PDF can be viewed offline.

Easy to Photocopy and Print

Converting HTML Files to PDF Files

For your information, a PDF maintains the exact layout, images, text, and the whole document itself even if you use different platforms when viewing it; thus, printing it or has it photocopied will not put the quality at risk; it will remain as it is and will not damage the layout.

PDF only Takes a Little Space on Your Hard Drive

When you convert a file to PDF, you save a lot of space on your hard drive since it only takes a little portion of your storage. Don’t worry, Pal, the quality, layout, and original text of your web page are still the same; that’s the best thing about PDF.

If you subscribe for a premium version of a specific converter like the PDF Bear online tool I’ve mentioned above, you can compress your file size to either Medium Compression or Strong Compression.


Converting HTML documents to PDF documents is a tough job before, but since we’ve found the PDF bear online tool, we can now execute our tasks without facing any hurdle. If you have a pile of HTML documents that need to be converted to PDF documents or view numerous articles offline, allow our PDF Bear tool to execute all the tasks.

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