If you or your elderly relatives are at the point in life where assistance is required to help with daily tasks, such as taking medications or help with cooking or cleaning, then it may be wise to consider an assisted living home. These establishments differ from nursing homes, where round-the-clock care can be provided, and are more suited to elderly people with lower care requirements.

Assisted living homes have the key benefit of allowing a fair degree of independence in living, which many elderly people enjoy. If you are searching for an ideal assisted living home, there are some key points to consider in your decision, and in this article, three main considerations are explored.


One of the prime factors in choosing an assisted living home is its location. Ideally, you will want it to be situated within a relatively short travel distance to enable family members to visit their elderly relatives on a regular basis. Having an assisted living home located within an hour of car travel is a good option, as the short journey will allow you more flexibility and less planning when you decide to visit.

Other considerations in terms of location are access to healthcare facilities, such as doctors’ surgeries and nearby hospitals. It is an unpleasant fact that as we get older, we are more likely to need access to healthcare services. Having them located in the vicinity of an assisted living home can be of great practical benefit when the need to utilize these services occurs.

A final location consideration is the number of local shops and services nearby. Elderly people will benefit from having access to services such as hairdressers and grocery stores, as these allow them to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Personalized Care

A high-quality assisted living establishment should be able to offer personalized care packages that reflect the needs of its residents. Assisted living homes, such as those offered by Richmond Heights Place senior living, recognize that no two elderly people are the same and their needs and care requirements will differ based on their personal circumstances.

There is a vast range of different care packages that elderly people may require based on their needs. These can be a mix of help with feeding themselves, personal hygiene, and assistance with regularly taking medication as a few examples. For more information and examples of assistance that may be required on a regular basis, see here.

Residents’ Views on the Facility

Before any final decision is made on the choice of assisted living home, it makes perfect sense to request a tour of the establishment. Moving into an assisted living home can be quite daunting for the elderly, and both they and their family members will want to be reassured that the quality of life at this facility is high.

The culture of an assisted living home will have a significant impact on how it is viewed by residents. A well-run establishment will have an exceptional staff who truly care for their residents and make them feel welcome. When visiting an assisted living home, take time to ask for the resident’s perceptions of the services and care offered to ensure it is suitable for your elderly loved ones.

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