Everything about Call Center Outsourcing in India

Call Center Outsourcing in India

Call centers help ensure maximum customer satisfaction and optimal customer engagement. Call centers also retain and expand the existing customer base. Ideally, call centers to employ people with excellent communication skills and a certain level of technical know-how.

They work to make calls to potential consumers (outbound call centers) or receive calls from customers for support or resolving queries (inbound call centers).

In addition, call center outsourcing in India provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to ensure professional customer support while cutting on excess business expenses.

Expert Callers, the leading call center in the country, is the top choice for small and large businesses for their call center outsourcing in India.

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is when businesses delegate their customer support and telesales operations to a third-party agency. With increasing competition, the need for prompt customer support is also growing.

The intense competition requires businesses to contact potential customers faster, resolve their queries more efficiently, and close the deal by quickly selling them a product or service.

Hence, call center outsourcing in India has become an extremely fast-growing industry today. Call centers work to provide support to businesses by directly interacting with customers.

A phone call is the preferred method of communication between businesses and consumers today, and call centers are well-adept at using it to enhance the business.

The level of customer satisfaction is dependent on the quality of customer support provided by any business. Thus, an excellent call center is essential for complete customer satisfaction.

Leading call centers, such as Expert Callers, have immense experience in handling all types of call center outsourcing in India. The company has handled calls for clients belonging to several different industrial niches.

The team of highly qualified employees and the practice of international standards of communication technology make Expert Callers the top choice for businesses to outsource their call center services to India.

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What are the different Call Center Services?

There are two main types of call center services:

  1. Inbound call center services – Involves taking customer orders, answering customer calls, complaints and queries, cross-selling or up-selling products or services, providing product information, interactive voice response (IVR), and chat support.
  2. Outbound call center services – Includes telemarketing, generating potential leads, completing customer satisfaction surveys, tele-sales, acquisition, marketing intelligence, and appointment scheduling.

What is the Need for Call Center Outsourcing in India?

Before getting into the details of why you should choose call center outsourcing in India, let’s look at the statistics below to understand the importance of prompt and perfect customer support services in today’s competitive market:

  • Loyal customers are 5 times more likely to purchase than new ones.
  • Loyal customers are also 5 times more likely to forgive unsatisfactory customer support services.
  • Companies report a 12% increase in consumer trust when their customer satisfaction rate increases by 10%.
  • Loyal consumers are 4 times more likely to refer their favorite product or service to friends and family.
  • Loyal consumers are 7 times more likely to try a new product from their favorite company or brand.

If you are a growing company outside of India, then choosing to outsource your call center to Expert Callers in India is the best way to cut costs without affecting the quality of your customer support services. Outsourcing call center services to expert third-party companies like Expert Callers help you save on resources and efforts, which can be instead focused on your core competitive business aspects.

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As research and development are integral for business growth, you can use the time and money saved by outsourcing call center services to build your product and service portfolio, which will also help increase your business’s growth.

Today, the market is extremely competitive, as well as dynamic. Hence, focusing on your daily operations should be your focus, instead of managing an expensive and under-utilized in-house call center department. Let those trained and experienced professionals handle your call center outsourcing in India.

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