Best Time To Travel To Maui

Time To Travel To Maui

Do not miss out on the scenic beauty of the second largest island in Hawaii if you have set out on your trip to the USA. Known for its beautiful beaches, volcano, pools, and valleys, Maui is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the USA. It has earned the nickname of “The Valley Isle.” You would feel you have stepped into paradise as the rainforests and volcanoes, beaches and pools, lava rocks and valleys greet you to the beautiful island. 

Glance through the main tourist spots, hotels, attractions, natural beauties, pre-tour requirements, and the best time to visit Maui.

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How Many Days Do You Need To Visit Maui?

Maui is one of the best places to visit in the USA. Keep sufficient time in your hand to let the entire essence soak in. You will need at least five to six days to take a complete tour around the island. Take a walk in the city of Lahaina, past the historic structures scattered around.

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Explore the rugged northern coast, beaches in the south, and take a sneak peek at the Kuakini Gallery and Haleakala National Park. Drive to Hana and marvel at the waterfalls, scenery, and lush beaches en route. If you are a person who loves adventure sports, you should always try snorkeling at Molokini Atol and a whale-watching cruise. 
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Things You Should Pack for Your Trip to Maui

Beaches, luxury hotels, sightseeing- a platter of places to visit and relax. The packing list is quite lengthy. It would help if you had sunglasses, a hat, and a rashguard to protect your eyes and skin from the blazing sun at the beaches. Pack a waterproof digital camera with you that would allow you to click snaps while snorkeling.

Also, go armed with a pair of shoes suitable for a beach walk and walking over the corals underwater. Do not leave behind your beach towels, backpack, purse, and credit card holder as well. Pack sunscreen cream and beach clothes and swimsuit too. 

Is it Expensive to Visit Maui?

With the lush beaches, exquisite natural beauty, and delicious cuisine, Maui stands out to be more expensive than other places in the USA. While the breakfast ranges from $10 to $15, your lunch and dinner would be more costly. Cocktails added to your dinner are likely to burn a hole through your pocket. Hotels, too, are comparatively more expensive than other sites.

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You may choose economy hotels or guest houses at the rate of about $200 per night. It is the flight fare that causes the highest pocket pinch, with the amount soaring as high as $700 to $1000. If you are on a budget and yet do not want to miss out on the abundance of nature at Maui, you should make your trip in the offseason. You can check out services for airport shuttles just like blueskylimovail to ensure your smooth airport transport

Things to Do in Maui When It Rains

Rain is not quite a common phenomenon in Maui, but even during a downpour, there are plenty of attractions to keep you engrossed. Visit the Maui Ocean Centre and watch the Hammerhead Shark. Go out shopping and lose yourself in fashion and trends. You may choose to relax with a cup of hot chocolate in the romantic ambiance of Kula Lodge and watch the rain from an elevation. Escape to the Atlantis submarines, and you are likely to forget about the storm from 3000 feet below the water level. 

Maui beach

Maui or Oahu

Maui, with its stunning natural harmony, is flawless. But the place is high priced and encompasses top-notch sophistication. You may as well plan a trip to a similar island that looks more friendly and comfortable- Oahu. While Maui is rural and relaxed, Oahu gives you a cosmopolitan taste of the city. Each island stands out in its way. A trip to either of these places would leave your tired nerves refreshed after the vacation.

Planning A Trip to the USA

As you plan a tour to the USA and start packing for the journey, you would need a valid visa to permit you to wander about the country. To get your visa processed, get the ESTA application form, and fill up the necessary details. You may also keep a check on the stage of processing by reviewing the status of the application. Ensure that you fill up the ESTA questions correctly to get your visa card without any hassle and make your trip to the USA a remarkable one. 

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