What to Expect with Wood Floor Water Damage Repairs

wood floor damage due to water

Insuring your home with a home insurance policy is one of the best ways to protect yourself from unexpected issues. Home insurance can cover a wide range of water-related events, from a leaky pipe in a bathroom to a burst pipe in a crawl space.

Of course, providing home insurance with coverage for water damage doesn’t mean your home or belongings will ever suffer water damage. For those who already have water-damaged floors due to ordinary wear, water damage can be a consequence of things breaking or natural disasters.

Cleaning and restoring water-damaged wood flooring can happen, but it often requires professional help. Read on to learn more about what to expect when it comes to wood floor water damage.


Cupping is one of the methods used to remedy water damage to wood flooring. In areas where moisture levels have reached the wood, the boards tend to swell, then cup outwards. It is possible to see this with the naked eye.

Cupping can range from slight to large-scale and can easily leave long-term and significant damage if not dealt with promptly and by professionals. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs may involve sanding, staining, and re-finishing to give the floor back its original shine.


Crowning is the process of installing a new hardwood floor over an existing one. It’s a great way to save on the cost of tearing up an existing wood floor, and lay a new one.

The crowning process includes several steps, from the removal of the old flooring, to preparing the sub-floor, to the installation of the new wood floor. Repairs for damaged wood flooring due to water damage that occur during crowning may be required.


When wood floors become water damaged, buckling can occur. Buckling is when sections of the wood flooring become raised, creating an uneven and sometimes unsightly surface.

This damage is usually caused by prolonged exposure to water and usually happens near entryways. When it comes to repairs, it can be a lengthy and sometimes costly process. Learn more about flood insurance to help you with coverage for losses to your property caused by rising water.

Cracking and Warping

When it comes to wood floor repairs, cracking and warping due to water damage can be a major concern. In many cases, water damage affects the structural integrity of the floor, leading to warping and cracking.

Cracking and Warping woof floor

In extreme cases, you may need to have the entire floor replaced. Repairing an affected wood floor usually involves sanding the wood to remove the damaged boards and then replacing them. The wood may need to be refinished, stained, or sealed to prevent additional damage.

Smell and Discoloration

When water comes in contact with wood flooring the damage can show in the form of odors and discoloration. Generally water damage skews towards a dark discoloration of wood floors.

You may see small black spots or streaks across the wood, or more obviously, there can be a darker stain along the floorboards. This is caused by the wood fibers absorbing the water. The smell of wood floors that have been water damaged is typically a moldy or musty smell, as this is an indicator of mold growth in the wood.

Explore What to Expect With Wood Floor Water Damage

You can expect wood floor water damage repairs to be a bit involved, but it’s worth the effort to keep your floor looking beautiful. With the right approach and technique, you can restore your wood floor to like-new condition.

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