5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Keyed Lock for Your Door

Door with key

Did you know a lot of people have problems with their locks regularly? With bills to pay and debts to settle, people spend a lot of time in their dwellings. Sometimes people lose their keys and get locked out, while other times a progressively deteriorating lock means they struggle to get inside.

That’s why you should always have a backup plan. A keyed lock is a very good one, but you should always carry a reliable lock pick set with you as well. We’ll discuss both options below.

1. Consider Your Security Needs

Make sure to evaluate the security of the door. Look for the type of material the door is made of, as well as any existing locks the door may currently have. If the door is made of a strong material like metal, a deadbolt lock could provide the security you need.

However, if the door is wood or other lightweight material, you may want to consider an additional option. Consider locks like the AR18 for an effective and tough lock solution.

2. Look At Quality

It is important to select a lock made of a durable and robust material like brass to ensure that it is capable of withstanding strong force from intruders. Additionally, good quality locks tend to come with various safety locks for door elements such as:

  • Deadbolts
  • Anti-Saw Pins
  • Pick – Resistant

It can also be beneficial to look for locks that come reinforced with sturdy striker plates. As this increases the strength against kick-in attempts.

3. Choose the Right Size

A large keyed lock may look more secure, but if the door is too thin or not made of durable material, the lock could open easily. Alternatively, a smaller keyed lock would be sufficient for the job but may appear weak if the door is too thick or made of strong metal. Before shopping, measure your door thickness and make sure you understand the security needs of the location.

4. Get the Right Finish

It is important to ensure the right finish is chosen for your keyed locks to ensure the best security and aesthetics. A glossy finish, for example, is more traditional and best for homes in warm climates because it stands out among lighter-colored doors.

A matte finish is better for colder climates or blends nicely with darker-colored doors. For an even more elegant look, a satin nickel finish looks great on any door.

5. Know the Warranty of the Lock

Before investing in a door lock, verify how long the warranty lasts. Whether it covers mechanical and electronic malfunctions or just one of them, and the exact exclusions and conditions.

Usually, these warranties can vary from a 1-year limited warranty to a lifetime warranty. Choose a lock from a reputable manufacturer with a longer warranty if available, as it is likely to offer better protection.

keyed lock

Improve Security Using a Keyed Lock

Choosing the right keyed locks for doors is essential for ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Think about the bolt length, door thickness, the type of cylinder, and whether or not you would like additional features. Make sure you compare various models and talk to an experienced locksmith to get the best deal and product.

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