5 Tips for Planning Your Dream Greece Vacation

Greece Vacation

Greece is a country that up to 23 million people visit every year. With so many people planning a trip to Greece, you may be curious as to what makes that vacation special.

If you want to have a memorable Greece vacation, take a look at these five tips.

1. Time Your Flight Carefully

If you are coming from outside of Europe, your flight is likely going to be your biggest expense for your Greece trip. However, there is a way that you can keep this cost down.

That way is to try to time your flight carefully when it comes to booking it. If you book it a year out, this may be too early because the flight route has not had a chance to settle into the market yet.

On the other hand, if you wait until a week before your trip to book your flight, it may be sold out or outrageously expensive. Ideally are going to want to book this a few months before the day of your flight.

2. Spend Some Time in Athens

In all likelihood, you are going to have to fly through Athens to get to your final destination in Greece. If you find that you have to go through this city for your flight, take advantage of that and spend some time here.

This can give you a chance to see some famous historical sights such as the Parthenon.

3. Consider Travel Time

Something else that you are going to have to account for is travel time. This can be the time it takes you to fly to Greece and the time it takes to get to destinations within Greece.

For example, if you are on a 10-hour flight from the United States, you are likely going to be exhausted by the time you get to Greece.

Then, you have to think about how long it can take you to get to other destinations. If you want to go from Athens to an island like Mykonos, it can take half a day just to get there. You need to account for this when planning your vacation itinerary.

4. Figure Out What You Want

You may have settled on going to Greece but you still may not be sure what kind of vacation you want to have there. Well, Greece provides several different options.

For those more into history, Athens could be the place to focus on. People who want a romantic getaway may be drawn to Santorini. Those that want a quieter island may go to Crete and those that want to party may go to Mykonos.

beautiful view of Greece

Figure out what kind of vacation you want to have before you book your lodging.

5. Try New Experiences

Vacations are all about having new experiences because you never know when you may get the opportunity to do it again. If you want this to be a yachting vacation, that is something you can do given your destination.

You are traveling partially to see new things and do new things. Try to take advantage of the opportunities that you are given.

Plan Your Greece Vacation

These are five tips for your Greece vacation. Consider spending some time in Athens if that is where you are flying into. Time your flight booking accordingly to try to save money, factor in travel time to destinations, figure out what your priorities for a vacation are, and be open to new experiences.

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