Types of Vacuum Trucks

vaccum truck

Did you know that most large trucks use both air brakes and conventional brakes?

If you’re interested in trucks and would like to know more about vacuum trucks, it is recommended to do some research. Trucks, in general, are instrumental in the production and consumption of most materials and products.

With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about vacuum trucks, their characteristics, and their uses.

Hydro Excavator Truck

A Hydro Excavator truck is a specialized vacuum truck designed for a variety of tasks. These trucks use high-pressure water jets and suction to break and remove soil, sediment, and debris from the ground during an excavation process.

Hydro Excavator trucks are specifically designed for safely working in soft soils, hard-packed soils, and any other material that requires breaking with force. They are the perfect choice for utility jobs, such as for digging around pipe networks, telephone lines, and gas lines, as well as general construction and recovery applications in areas where hazardous materials may be present.

Dry Vacuum Truck

Dry Vacuum Trucks typically have the ability to suck up large amounts of dirt, sand, and other solid particles. The Dry Vacuum Truck is equipped with powerful suction and can efficiently pick up material without having to add any additional water.

Dry Vacuum Trucks can also be used to clean up oil and grease spills, as well as hazardous waste. They are often used in emergency situations, making them a vital part of hazardous waste containment and cleanup.

Vactor Sewer Truck

Vactor Sewer Trucks are among the most popular types of vacuum trucks out there, and for a good reason. As a specialized piece of equipment, these trucks are extremely convenient and effective for cleaning sewers and other drainage systems.

These vehicles can easily navigate tight slots and tight areas while using high-pressure water and vacuum to suck up any debris. This vactor truck linked here is powered by hydro-mechanical systems and is designed to remove debris of all shapes and sizes.

Vactor Sewer Truck

Liquid Vacuum Trucks

They differ from other types of vacuum trucks in that they use pressurized air, usually created from an auxiliary compressor, to transport the material from an extraction point such as a pipe or ditch.

The tank is then sealed, and pressure is kept at a certain level to ensure the material can be safely transported from its original location. These commercial trucks are best suited for remote and difficult-to-reach jobs, where they can quickly and safely recover material such as grease, oil, and petroleum waste.

Industrial Vacuum Loaders

Industrial Vacuum Loaders are a type of vacuum truck that has been designed for the industrial sector. These machines are designed to provide a cost-effective, efficient, and safe solution for the collection and transportation of bulk materials and liquids, including dust and liquids, from overspills or wastage.

They are able to effectively and efficiently suck up material and carry it to its disposal site, providing a fast, efficient, and economical solution. The variety of sizes and features available allow them to be used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Explore Different Types of Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks offer a versatile, dependable, and cost-effective hauling solution. With a variety of tank sizes, pump types, and attachments, there is a vacuum truck for every job. Contact a vacuum truck expert today to get started.

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