How Much will it Actually Cost to Rent an RV?

RV van

Camping is one of the best ways to take a break from the hustle of daily life in the United States, with over 56 million US households heading to the great outdoors in 2021 alone. Staying in a tent is a viable option if you want to feel immersed in nature, but that camping style doesn’t offer the comfort of your bed at home.

Examining the cost to rent an RV is an excellent way to enjoy the best of both worlds when you need an escape from reality. The different types of RVs help you enjoy time in nature without giving up your comforts and amenities.

Luckily, you’ve found the perfect spot to learn more about how to rent an RV and what to expect from an RV rental cost. Continue reading to get the best RV rental prices for your next camping trip today!

What is the Cost to Rent an RV?

Several factors impact the cost of renting an RV, and it’s crucial to consider them when preparing for your next camping trip. Different types of RVs carry other price tags, with Class A RVs costing the most to rent. You’ll spend more money per night renting a large RV with luxury amenities.

The location and the length of time you’re renting the RV also make a massive difference in the price. Expect to pay up to $300 per night to rent a Class A RV, while you can rent a small travel trailer for as low as $50 per night. The season will also impact how much you’ll pay for RVs for rent.

Van Dwelling in a beautiful place

If you want to try van life, rent a Class B RV for your next adventure. Look at options with off-road capabilities to reach remote campsites and have nature and serenity at your fingertips. The average Class B RV is available for $100 per night.

Other Expenses to Consider

In addition to your rental expenses, it’s worth considering other costs you’ll face when setting out on your next camping adventure. Due to the size and off-road limitations, you’ll need to budget for campsite fees when renting a Class A RV or toy hauler. Class B and travel trailers have more outstanding capabilities when you leave the pavement, increasing your odds of finding free campsites.

It’s also wise to account for your gas expenses, especially if you’re towing a large trailer or driving a Class A RV across the country. Gas prices are high, and you could pay a small fortune to reach your destination. Consider renting a Class B van to enjoy comfort and fuel efficiency.

Find the Perfect RV Styles for Your Next Adventure

Learning about the cost to rent an RV is an excellent way to prepare for an exciting road trip and new destinations. Larger RVs like toy haulers and Class A rigs cost up to $300 per night to rent, while Class B RVs and travel trailers range between $50 and $100. Consider your gas mileage and campsite fees when budgeting for RV rental prices on your next summer vacation.

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