Preventing Pests: How to Deter Pigeons From Your Building

Deter pigeon

Even if pigeons aren’t an official health hazard, most business owners aren’t eager to have thousands of these birds roosting on their buildings. Yet, these birds can be surprisingly challenging to chase away.

If you’re wondering, “How do you keep pigeons away?” then keep reading.

In this article, we’ll give you all the best tips to deter pigeons from roosting on your building — or any other structure in your town.

Recognize the Signs of a Pigeon Infestation

Recognizing the signs of a pigeon infestation is vital to prevent one. For starters, looking for signs of nesting material such as twigs, straws, and feathers is crucial.

Also, check for signs of bird droppings, such as white, gray, and black spots on windowsills, window frames, rooftops, and ledges can indicate a pigeon infestation. Once these signs are visible, the best way to deter pigeons from your building is to make your property unappealing to birds.

Understanding What Attracts Them

Understanding what attracts pigeons is the key to preventing them from entering your building. Pigeons are attracted to locations providing food, shelter, and nesting sites. One way to avoid them is to ensure no food and water sources are available.

Store grain products and birdseed away from the building or use bird-proofing methods. Remove accessible roosting sites by keeping windowsills, roof gutters, and beams clean and debris-free. Eliminate garbage and open containers.

Ways to Make Your Property Unappealing to Pigeons

To avoid nuisance and possible damages caused by pigeons, there are a few ways to make your property unattractive to them.

Hang Reflective Materials

Hanging reflective materials is one of the most effective methods. It can be mirrors or any shiny metals. The bright, reflective surfaces create an optical illusion to deter the birds.

The optical illusion makes the bird feel like it can’t fly or land around the area, making them search for a home elsewhere. Reflective materials also often use a strobe light effect and sounds. It further adds to the birds’ discomfort and drives them away.

Set up a Decoy Predator

Placing decoy predators such as owls or hawks can be an effective visual deterrent. The presence of the decoy predator will make the pigeons feel threatened, and they will be less likely to enter the area.

One could also use sound or light to deter the pigeons. Birds are easily frightened by loud noises or bright flashing lights. So, a motion-activated floodlight or a bird-scaring device, such as an audio playback device, could also keep the pigeons away.

Regularly Pruning Trees

Regularly pruning trees is an essential step. Trimming overgrown branches prevents pigeons from perching on ledges or roosting in nooks, making your building less inviting. Ensuring your building is well-maintained and swept often will reduce pigeon activity by creating an undesirable habitat.

Use an Ultrasonic Device

Like an ultrasonic repellent, an ultrasonic device may be a great tool to deter pigeons from your building. This device generates sound waves at high frequencies outside humans’ audible range.

The aim is that the pigeons will experience a range of unpleasant sensations, such as irritation and dread, when they are near the device, thus staying away from areas you do not want them. Ultrasonic devices are known to be effective and safe to use as they do not physically harm birds and other animals.

Two deter pigeoin

They are easy to install and can be placed in the areas you want to protect from pigeons without being obtrusive. They are also powered by mains electricity, so you don’t have to worry about frequent battery replacements.

Try Pigeon-Repellent Gel

Another effective way is by using pigeon-repellent gel. The gel makes the areas slippery and makes it difficult for the birds to perch or gather. The gel is invisible and can be applied to balconies, window ledges, railings, beams, and anywhere else pigeons like to roost.

It can be applied to trees that the pigeons frequent to make them uncomfortable. It smells unpleasant to them and repels them from spending time there.

It is easy to install as it only requires applying a straight gel line along the desired area. The gel is both safe for humans and environment-friendly.

Use Natural and Organic Methods

Using natural and organic methods to prevent pests is an excellent way of being kinder to the environment. It can also help keep nuisance bird numbers down.

Installing mesh netting along eaves, ledges, windowsills, and other potential roosting areas is a common and effective method. The net should have a mesh size of less than 1 inch to keep pigeons out effectively.

Natural repellents, such as bird spikes or anti-roosting spike strips, make the area uncomfortable to roost. It can be used to make perching and nesting impossible.

Conduct Regular Pest Inspection

Conducting a regular pest inspection is vital to preventing pests, especially pigeons. Inspecting your building regularly will spot areas of concern.

If these areas can be eliminated, then the risk of pests being attracted to them in the first place can be reduced. Also, by inspecting, you can identify droppings or any other signs of nesting material. So that it can be safely removed and the environment kept clean and unappealing to the pigeons.

Ensure the inspection is thorough and conducted regularly. It may be the best defense against pest infestations.

Exploring Professional Pest Control Options

Exploring professional pest control options is essential for ways to prevent pests. They can be brought in to neutralize the population.

They can set traps and use bait or repellents to discourage pigeons from returning to your building. You can ask them more about pigeon management solutions appropriate for your needs.

Once the population has been reduced, regular maintenance and monitoring can help ensure that they don’t return. Professional pest control companies also have various methods or techniques to target only the pigeons in question rather than harming non-targeted animals.

Follow These Tips to Deter Pigeons From Your Building

Following the tips above, you can successfully deter pigeons from your building and keep your area free of pesky and destructive pests. To get started, consult a pest control specialist to assess your site and find the best solution.

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