All about the February Birthday Flower

February Flower

Right now, we are talking about the February birth flower but all we can think about are red roses. You might ask us why?

It is because of valentines, whenever we have to depict our love boldly and dramatically then all we have are roses because the first flower that comes to our head is them. Well, it is the history that is associated with roses as the lovely blossoms, if you ever wish to send some flowers to your loved who lives far then you can always get flower delivery in bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and various other cities that are there.

The February birth flower is not a rose but it is violet. They were known to be first grown by the Greeks around 500 BC. They have been known as violets because of their color and are beautiful with their symbolism. Also, there are species that are also called pansies.

Let us take you through a complete guide that involves the violets and some facts related to February as well which I am assuming that you might be knowing


The February birthstone is amethyst. These were known to ward off the powers of the god of intoxication and ecstasy also known as Bacchus and it is a stone that is said to bring clarity in one’s head and is known to make a person aware.

It also has its connections with being royal and is found everywhere in the world but the finest gems are said to be found in Russia.


It also has Christian roots as it is said that they are known to represent the modesty of the virgin Mary.


Along with the symbolism of modesty, this fragrant flower is known to symbolize loyalty and truth. It is also said to epitomize spiritual wisdom and humility.

This flower is known to bloom in various other colors as well like white, yellow, and blue. The purple ones are all about being loyal and truthful while the white ones are known for taking a chance or a step towards something with an indefinite result. Remind them by getting online flower delivery in Delhi & Birthday Flowers.

February Birthday Flower


If you know someone whose birthday comes in February then this flower is perfect for them as you can always gift them a bouquet adorned with violet flowers which will surely be sweet and better than the bouquet which does not represent February in any way.

You can always order their favorite cake with these flowers on top of them as decoration as they will surely remind them of how thoughtful you were about them. They will surely appreciate that gesture and that birthday will be memorable to them.


You can always gift them violet gift hampers, violet candles, and the bath bombs that are available in the market this will surely make their February more enjoyable and they will just love the way you are taking small things into consideration.

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If you feel like you cannot afford these gifts then you can always gift a plant to your loved ones and we also have some information on how to care for the plants. This will be a perfect gift this February for your February baby.


There is another February birth flower called primrose which is known to symbolize that you cannot live without them. This is a perfect combination if you can just arrange it with violets. The primrose and the roses are not related but these are the flowers that just grow during the winter retreat and are the detesters of soggy soil. You can always gift this one just in case you have run out of violets.

You don’t have to worry about the blooms as we are always there to take care of them. With bloomsvilla, you can trust us that you will get fresh flowers within the stipulated delivery time. The best part about us is that if you are running short in time, we also do same-day delivery of bouquets which will also ensure that your flowers reach their destination fresh.

Don’t let your flowers go alone, you can always add a box of chocolates, teddy bears, and a cake if you wish to surprise them with more than flowers this February. Hurry up! wish them a very happy birthday.

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