How Cell Phone Signals Work

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Cellphones are no doubt a big help for almost everyone in the world. Whether you’re a business owner, a parent, or a student, a cell phone comes in handy for various purposes. Before, cell phones were a need to make calls and send texts. But now, they’ve come with an additional purpose and that’s to connect to the internet. And according to statistics, 3.5 billion people all over the world have smartphones and this is estimated to increase to 3.8 illion in 2021, especially with brands continuing to upgrade phone features. Indeed, the cellphone has come very far.

Furthermore, texting, calling, and connecting to the internet are made possible through cell signals. However, not everyone really has an idea of how cell signals work – just that it’s absorbed by our phones and provides us the chance to communicate.

But if you’re interested to know more about cell signals and how they work, read below.

Like a Radio

In their simplest form, cellphones are like radios, with a transmitter and a receiver. Your text or your voice is converted by your phone into electrical signals that then travel via radio waves to a cell tower. Since cell towers are connected, it then relays the waves to your recipient’s phone, converting the signal back to its original form. These electrical signals are also beamed out by your phone through its antenna. Because cell towers are the primary tool for distributing cell phone signals, wireless carriers need available spaces to place them. If you are one of the property owners that explored the cell tower lease option, you may also think of renewing your contract. Renew your cell tower lease with the legal experts at Terabonne.

However, they’re also more complex as radios can only be used in certain areas and the signal can be interfered with by other callers. Since the transmitter and receiver of phones aren’t that high-powered, their signals can’t be sent very far and will rely on a local mast (or huge high-powered antennas often placed on top of tall buildings and hills) and a base station. The base station is then responsible for picking up cell phones’ faint signals and routing them to their destination.

The Limitations of Cell Signals

Like most things, there are limits to cell signals and how they work. When you are outdoors in an area with little to no local masts around, it may be hard for you to send out a message or make a call. Waves can also be easily affected by other factors like rain, storms, and fogs. They can also be absorbed by mountains, hence giving you not much of a signal when going on a trek.

signal tower

Furthermore, cell signals can also be disrupted even when you’re indoors. Materials such as concrete, brick, coated glass and more can block out the signal.

Letting the Signal in with a Commercial Cell Phone Booster

A commercial cell phone booster is a device that can be installed both inside and outside of a home or a building in order to get more signals inside. An antenna is placed outside to capture the signal, the amplifier boosts the captured signal, then the antenna placed inside distributes the signal.

Commercial cell phone boosters can also vary and there are loads to choose from, depending on the size of your home or building and on the distance of the coverage you want. For the most optimal choice, it is best to contact professionals so they can properly assess your property, your needs, and provide you with the correct device.

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