3 Tips for Having a Smooth Marriage Separation

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If there’s any enduring truth to be had in this reality, it’s that nothing lasts. The sun doesn’t shine every day, pizza slices vanish with disconcerting swiftness… even love fades eventually.

Fortunately, the same can be said for all the bad stuff in life, too. Existence as we know it is a balancing act between these two poles.

If your marriage is coming to an end, it needn’t be a drawn-out and painful affair. Here are three tips to make marriage separation less of an ordeal.

1. Accepting Your Marriage Separation

Any relationship is as dead as a doornail as soon as one person loses interest. It takes two to tango, and forcing someone reluctant to dance is a fool’s errand. The same goes for forcing yourself to keep up the facade for the sake of your partner’s feelings.

The faster you accept the bottom line, the easier the process of getting on with your life will be. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one who wants out, or the one who’s having the rug pulled from under them. Either way, your position is largely the same.

Getting divorced needn’t be traumatic or especially dramatic. Accepting things for how they are is the first step to getting on with your life. Anything short of acceptance is a waste of precious time.

2. The Truth is Your Ally

While going through a separation, it will pay huge dividends to stick to the truth. If both parties take special care to adhere to an open and honest dialogue throughout the process, it’ll go much smoother.

Smooth Marriage Separation

It’s okay to want out of a marriage or to have your partner have a change of heart. We’re all looking for love, and if someone doesn’t love you they’re simply not the one. In the long run, it’s beneficial for both of you not to be in a relationship that keeps you from finding the right person.

3. Seek Dependable Legal Advice

Unfortunately, marriage separation doesn’t only affect our emotions. For most of us, it’s likely our financial position will be affected too. To make sure the separation ends in a legal divorce where your assets are distributed fairly, legal advice is essential.

Topics like splitting bills, child custody, and home ownership have to be handled carefully. Speaking with an informed and experienced legal advisor will both speed up a legal separation and ensure it’s done fairly while going over all your separation options.

This includes the question of who pays bills during divorce.

A New Start

The prospect of change is always scary. In reality, things are seldom as bad as we imagine them to be. In the end, marriage separ/ation is just another chapter in your life and one that could potentially lead to a much happier conclusion for everyone involved.

Do your best not to dwell on the negative aspects, and focus on the present rather than catastrophizing! Your future is still in your hands.

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