When Should You Trademark a Business Name?

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When is the right time to trademark a business name?

It’s exciting to launch your new business idea. You have big dreams and plans for expansion. But before you invest your time, money, and energy into growing your business, you need to identify an essential part of your business that you may not be thinking about.

The name you choose reflects the personality of your company. After you choose a name, there are strategies you can use to trademark your company name.

Read on to explore when you should trademark.

What is the Function of a Trademark?

A trademark is a phrase, name, symbol, or design that distinguishes the products of one company from those of another. It is essentially the identity of the business and its products.

Trademarking a business name is a way of protecting it and ensuring it is solely identified and associated with your company. This prevents another business from using the same or a similar name, as well as profiting from the business’s good reputation. 

What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark registration is an important part of protecting your company’s intellectual property and distinguishing your goods or services from those of competitors. Trademark registration is the process of registering a mark that is used to designate the source of a product or service.

Trademark registration provides the owner of the mark with a legal right to prevent other people from using it. Generally, you should register your trademark as soon as you begin using it in commerce to avoid any potential conflicts. 

What can be Registered as a Trademark?

Trademarking business names and products can be a great way to protect a business’s identity and ability to stay unique. Typically, a business should trademark its name when the business is publically launched or discussed publicly to ensure that its name is protected from someone else who might want to use it.

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The USPTO offers trademark coverage for names, symbols, logos, slogans, designs, and other devices used to identify and distinguish the products of one business from those of others. 

How Long Does a Trademark Last?

Trademarking a business name is necessary to help protect the unique name and logo of the business and distinguish it from any other business. Business trademarks should be registered as soon as possible to help protect intellectual property and minimize the risk of another business using the same name or logo.

To keep a trademark valid, any changes to the name, logo, or products associated with the trademark must be reported to the USPTO every ten years. Learn more from professionals like Giselle Ayala on when is the right time to trademark a business.

Explore How to Trademark a Business Name

Trademarking a business name is a smart move if you are investing in building and protecting your brand assets. Trademark a business name will give you exclusive rights to use it and the logo. 

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