This is How to Wear Jewelry as a Man

Man wear a ring

Jewelry has never been a gender-specific accessory. Besides women, men can wear jewelry too and do it stylishly.

No matter your gender, wearing the right jewelry can highlight and enhance the features of your face. Good style means knowing the art of layering with your clothes, shoes, watches, and bracelets.

But what’s the best way to wear jewelry as a man? And which kinds of jewelry are best and most stylish for men? We’ll answer your questions on how to wear jewelry below!

Essential Pieces of Jewelry for Men

As a man, wearing jewelry is a great way to accessorize and add a personal touch to your look. Essential pieces of jewelry for men include the following:


From classic silver bars to monogrammed styles, cufflinks can add intricate and delicate style to any shirt or blazer. They can showcase the individual’s taste, sophistication, and style.

They can easily offer a touch of style to a formal outfit, such as a wedding or gala, or help to dress up a simple t-shirt and blazer look. And they can be as simple or ornate as the individual chooses and are readily available at varied prices.

Tie Clasps and Pins

Tie clasps and pins are an ideal way to wear jewelry as a man. You can wear a tie clasp or pin in the middle or to the side of the tie, which can help pull an outfit together. They can be subtle and ornate, depending on the man’s taste, and can include various materials such as metal, gemstones, and enamel.


Rings are essential to men’s jewelry, as they add a finishing touch of class and sophistication to any outfit. They provide a subtle yet powerful statement of personality that cannot be replicated with any other accessory. Men have the option to choose from a variety of materials, styles, and gemstones.

A classic gold ring with a single gemstone or diamond is the perfect accessory for any man’s wardrobe. Silver rings with intricate designs can make a bold statement for a more modern look. Various gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and onyx, allow men to express their styles and tastes.


Not only do watches come in various designs and materials, from classic leather to metal and stainless steel, but they are also practical. Wearing a watch is a classic way to complete an ensemble and make a personal style statement.

Man wear a gold watch

For example, a silver or gold watch can give a formal look when paired with a suit. A casual watch can make a more laid-back look. A watch is also functional, helping to ensure that men always stay on time for their commitments.


There is a vast selection of men’s bracelet styles available to choose from, from classic leather bands to bold chains. Depending on the occasion, a timeless leather sterling silver cuff bracelet will become a staple in any man’s jewelry collection. Alternatively, consider a matte stainless steel bracelet for a casual, everyday look.

For special occasions, a diamond set bracelet adds a touch of sophistication. A titanium bracelet is a lightweight and contemporary option for a more reserved way of styling jewelry. These striking pieces come in various colors and will make a memorable statement.


A necklace is a fashionable and timeless accessory and can be dressed up or down when needed. A simple chain, pendant, or pair of dog tags is enough to complete an outfit as a minimal but powerful addition.

Necklaces can vary in weight, material, length, and design to fit one’s style. A classic leather necklace is an excellent option for the outdoorsman, while a sterling silver chain is a perfect touch of class. Cross necklaces are the best jewelry choice for a man of faith.


Whether it’s of gold or silver, a chain is the perfect way to complete any look. Many men opt for more extensive and chunkier links, while others prefer lighter, finer links. Whichever the preference, a classic chain is a perfect accessory for any night out, special occasion, or daily look.

Incorporate Jewelry into your Everyday Look

Men’s jewelry is a great way to add sophistication to any look. Though some may feel self-conscious about wearing jewelry as a man, it is a beautiful addition. When done correctly, jewelry can help bring focus to your features and clothing.

So here are some tips for incorporating men’s jewelry into your daily look:

Get Dapper

Incorporating men’s jewelry into your work attire can be an easy way to get dapper. Consider choosing pieces that feature meaningful symbols. It can be a compass charm or cross to feel connected to the power of your faith or values.

Remember the most minor details, like cufflinks, that are subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Try using rings and watches to add extra points to your look. And take risks with your jewelry by picking bold colors and designs, such as a Viking bracelet found here or a tie pin with colorful stones.

Edgy Downtown Style

If you’re aiming for an edgy downtown style, starting with a statement piece is one of the best techniques. You can go for a necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring. A bold, rugged watch or a pair of rock-inspired earrings will create an eye-catching look.

You can also layer many pieces together, like a chunky chain necklace of different lengths, several rings, or a mix of necklaces and earrings. Consider being creative and wearing a necklace as a head chain.

Classically Cool

Consider necklaces, bracelets, and rings with rugged details, like chains or leather bands, for a classically cool style. Layering multiple pieces can give you a bolder look that can easily transition from day to night.

How to Wear Jewelry Tips for Men

Jewelry can add that extra touch to your look as a man. It displays your personality and can genuinely emphasize your style!

Use pieces that suit your style, whether it be something big or something small. Feel free to experiment and find the parts that fit you best.

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