3 Ways to Speed Up Your Business Network

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Running a business is a full-time pursuit, and most companies require a robust network to keep operations going. A single hour of downtime costs businesses in the United States up to $100,000 in revenue that will eat away at your budget, and put your business in the red. You’re playing a dangerous game with an unstable business network, especially without IT support.

You can do several things to overcome your server issues and slow internet speeds for your business operations. They don’t require an overhaul of your network or expensive business downtime.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this valuable guide to learn the three best ways to boost your network speed and keep your business booming. Continue reading to get the most from your business internet today!

1. Upgrade Your Router

You may use outdated equipment if you lack an in-house IT support department. An old router will keep your business internet from allowing employees to manage their tasks. It’s a good rule of thumb to replace your business router every three years to keep your network speed up and avoid downtime.

The issues present themselves when manufacturers stop producing updates for your equipment. A router that hasn’t been updated in years will reduce your network stability.

Check the last update for your router and consider investing in a new one for your business network performance. It’s also worthwhile to buy a Microsoft windows server to boost your network performance.

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2. Use Wired Connections

Wired connections are also essential for higher network speeds when handling business tasks at the office. Having wires in the office might be an eyesore and inconvenience, but you can rely on this method’s steady internet speeds. Wired connections offer faster speeds, making them a perfect remedy for your lagging business network.

The drawback to wired connections is that you’re limited with where you can work. You can only work in spaces the Ethernet cable will reach in the office. Still, it’s a guaranteed way to eliminate server issues and enjoy better internet performance.

3. Enable Caching

Caching is another critical element to avoid business downtime and improve network operations. The caching method reduces loading times for websites, so your company will spend less time browsing and waiting.

A server that doesn’t have caching enabled will need to configure the coding of a website and fetch files from the disk each time you visit a webpage. You can eliminate the time involved in that process by enabling caching on your business server to boost server speed.

Optimize Your Business Network Today

Taking steps to optimize and strengthen your business network is essential in a world where companies rely on the Internet for basic operations. Enable caching on your business server to boost network speed, and consider upgrading your router for better WiFi performance. Wired connections are perfect for avoiding business downtime and preserving your revenue.

Are you ready to make the most of your business network? Check out more of our technology articles for more valuable pointers today!

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