How to Pick Divorce Attorneys: Everything You Need to Know

Lawyers During a Divorce

In the US, 40-50% of marriages lead to divorce.

Divorces are never easy. They can be emotionally and financially straining, and they often present various legal challenges. You need to pick divorce attorneys carefully, and your choice will make a sizable impact on the overall process.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can pick the right divorce attorneys. Keep reading for more.

Decide on a Divorce Process

There are three main divorce processes: litigation, mitigation, and collaborative. Before you hire a divorce attorney, you should decide which process you want to use.

It’s best to get an attorney that has experience with divorces similar to yours. Some divorces involve a lot of conflict. In situations like this, you’ll want an aggressive lawyer who will focus on the areas that matter the most to you.

Choose the Right Type of Legal Service

Divorces can vary greatly, and you might not need a big law firm for a smaller divorce. If your divorce will involve things like high-value assets or businesses, however, you’ll generally be better off with a bigger firm.

divorce attorney

A solo lawyer is usually more cost-effective, so this can be a better choice if your marriage was short or didn’t involve things like children or shared assets.

Know Your Budget

Legal fees can get quite substantial, so you need to find a divorce attorney that’s within your means. Be honest about your finances, and remember that a more expensive attorney won’t always yield better results. Find legal services that balance well with what you can afford.

When comparing lawyer fees, higher rates are common among lawyers with more experience. You should let your attorney know what your budget is from the start so that you can make adjustments if needed.

Research Extensively

Make sure you know how to file divorce properly, as well as your local state divorce laws. You should look into the process first, then start researching suitable attorneys. You can get information online, through recommendations, and by reading online reviews.

Look at the philosophy of an attorney’s website. Bear in mind that fancy websites and advertising don’t necessarily mean a certain attorney will be a good fit for you.

Interview Prospective Lawyers Before Making a Choice

There are plenty of options for lawyers, so don’t rush into things. Find a few that you think would be ideal, then schedule interviews to get to know them better.

Ask them about things that are specific to your case so you can get an idea of how well they’ll handle it. This will help you settle on the best lawyer available to you.

Pick Divorce Attorneys Carefully

It’s not easy to pick divorce attorneys, so make sure you take your time. Look into different attorneys so that you can compare your options and find the best one for your situation.

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