Things You Should Do if You Get Caught in a Motorcycle Accident

Bikr accident

Among all crashes, motorbike collisions are among the most dangerous. Motorcycle crashes have a startlingly high injury or fatality rate of 80% on average. The same ratio falls to 20% in cars, underlining the elevated risk levels. If you ride a motorbike, you must take safety precautions, including obeying traffic laws and always donning the necessary protective gear. At the same time, it is also important to take additional steps like wearing a helmet or body cam with an emergency contact on standby. These simple things make a huge difference in your safety.

Nevertheless, the term “accident” refers to an event that occurs unexpectedly. Learning what to do in the event of a motorbike accident might help you save your life while avoiding the possibility of suffering a needless financial loss. Motorcycle riders must familiarize themselves with appropriate knowledge in this regard by going through various online resources and expert recommendations that inform them of what to do in the event of an accident. Of course, the most important thing is to ensure your own safety and health, as well as that of everyone involved in the crash.

In the state of Colorado, motorcycles make up only 3% of the region’s vehicle registrations, but 20% of accident fatalities during 2022 involved a bike. 149 deaths occurred, and the total number of crashes with either injuries or simply damages to property is quite high. Having a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney at Rider Justice on speed dial can help you get the appropriate guidance when you end up in a crash.

Besides that, here are some actions you should take if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a motorbike accident:

Move Away from the Site of the Crash as Quickly as Possible

All types of vehicles have fuel inside them, along with parts that heat up over time. Emergency services and your motorcycle accident attorney will both advise you to move away from the scene of the collision as soon as possible after it occurs. A fire can start if fuel spill from the collision comes into contact with a scorching engine or exhaust pipe. Sometimes there isn’t sufficient time to react because the components combust too quickly. Getting clear as quickly as you can will help you prevent burning yourself.

Even if there are no risks of a fire starting, leaving the scene of the accident is still necessary, especially if it occurs on a busy highway. There is a substantial risk of additional injuries from fast-approaching automobiles. Moreover, from the security of the roadside, you can reach out for help.

Call 911 Immediately

Once you’re off the road, evaluate how you feel physically. It may take some time for any injuries sustained in the collision to become painful. Internal injuries not only last longer but also take a longer duration to become evident. Call the nearest emergency services if no one else has and in case you have the physical capacity to do so. It pays to have emergency contacts on your fast dial in these circumstances.

Moreover, avoid hurriedly taking off your protective gear while waiting for the medical assistance personnel to arrive. For instance, your initial inclination after a crash might be to remove your helmet. Doing this immediately after the collision may cause spasms or severe neck or head damage. Similarly, yanking your jacket off firmly can aggravate any external injuries the collision may have caused.

girl calling after bike accidient

Recreating the Accident in Your Mind Helps a Lot too

This phase may be a conditional one depending on your post-accident physical status. If you are conscious and healthy, begin visualizing the scenario in your head. You can use this activity to assess your own mental health as well. Internal injuries may be indicated by dizziness, vomiting, or any difference you feel in your mental status. Additionally, trembling or bewilderment are indicators of any inside injuries you might have sustained in the collision.

You must conduct a mental analysis in order to understand what state you are in. Additionally, it enables you to organize things and then take further steps. You must move quickly to respond to the accident, whether it is to notify a family member, contact your insurance provider, or speak with a lawyer. Get them done right away as you await the arrival of emergency services while seated on the pavement near the crash.

Try and Collect Things that May be Used as Evidence

You’ll need evidence if you want your insurance claim to be processed successfully. The process of gathering evidence must start at the scene of the collision. Take a picture of or note down the number plate number of the other vehicle in case you get hit by a careless driver who is running a red light. You’ll also need to gather any further fragments that can help you make an argument to the authorities based on your physical state. Your foresight will be useful because attorneys and insurance companies require proof.

Additionally, it goes beyond only gathering evidence at the collision site. Make sure you continue to put together every document moving forward. These comprise documentation of any damages, any injuries that are internal as well as external, treatment and expenses, prescriptions for medications, and, if necessary, any costs associated with rehabilitation. You can present a compelling argument in court and to your insurance company by combining and using the aforementioned documents. Even the smallest piece of evidence can make a lot of difference in your case.


Anyone’s worst nightmare must be getting into a motorbike accident. The majority of the time, though, there is no choice. People should be aware of what to do next in case they are in an accident. Your safety and the safety of other drivers should come first. This is accomplished by leaving the accident scene as soon as possible and assisting others in doing the same. After carefully removing your protective gear, call the emergency services, lawyer, and insurance provider, as appropriate.

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