10 reasons why WooCommerce is the best choice for Online Stores

Woo Commerce online Shopping

Who wouldn’t want to showcase their online store beautifully? Online product sellers, always look for the best e-commerce platform for online store development. The online retail market is growing day by day.

Online shopping trends are flourishing rapidly because customers find it convenient to shop from home. In 2020, online shopping statistics show, there are a total of 1.92 digital buyers. E-commerce retail purchases are 14.1% worldwide. – Source

To make a good impression on customers, online stores must have a unique and attractive design. Online product sellers prefer the best and right plugins to expand their online selling experience. In this regard, WooCommerce is not only the best choice, but it should also be the first choice of all product sellers.

WooCommerce is a fully customized e-commerce open-source platform. It is a perfect place to start an online store or and sell products or services. Due to its extraordinary features, themes, plugins, and extensions, WooCommerce is used by 22% of the top 1 million e-commerce sites.  28.19 % of online store holders use it because of its amazing features. It is beneficial for both small and large businesses.

WooCommerce provides strength to the business in many ways. A product seller can sell digital products, physical products, services, and member access to your website, etc. It provides complete security over customers, products, and account data. It is easy to understand for both online store holders and customers. To expand business worldwide, WooCommerce has an amazing plugin that could be integrated with social media sites for marketing purposes.

It makes it easy for online sellers to design stores the way they want. It saves huge money and time for online store holders, from the hustle of finding web designers. WooCommerce flexibility, designs, powerful features, customization, thousands of plugins, around 400+ extensions and templates, make it stand out in all competitors like Shopify, Squarespace, Monster Commerce, Wix stores and Magento, etc.  

WooCommerce has excellent stability and reliability. Plugins like product slideshows, quick view, dashboard, cart, dynamic pricing popups, product reviews & ratings, live chats, zoom magnifiers, multi-currency payments, and constant contact create extra ease for product sellers in the design process.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why WooCommerce is the best choice for online product sellers

Free installation & Activation

The top reason for being the best choice for online product sellers is its free installation and activation offer. Installation is a quick and problem-less procedure in WooCommerce. Users can set up their store in a few days by following easy 5 steps, i.e. choose to host, install WordPress, pick a theme, activate WooCommerce, and extend WooCommerce.

There is no fee for creating a Signup account on WordPress. Many online business runners enjoy their free activation and outstanding performance.

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Sales Booster

WooCommerce has customer-friendly product display features. To enhance sales and to attract a greater number of customers, owners should develop the store’s design engaging and innovative. Through WooCommerce owners can offer deals like buy in bulk, flash sales, discount coupons, send personalized newsletters and free shipping, etc which eventually becomes the reason for profit incrimination.

A person can create affiliated links to make customers access products from other sites as well. Overall WooCommerce generates an extraordinary selling experience.

Create Multiple Language Store 

The product owner can go one step ahead by creating a website in multiple languages. It expands the reach of the product. Multiple languages build a strong relationship between buyer and seller. It improves brand image and popularity.

Multiple Plugins

Most people use WooCommerce because of its multiple plugin options. There are many free plugins and paid plugins available on the internet to make the website more attractive and user-friendly.

Plugins are available between $0 to $200 rates. A person can use free plugins or could purchase a new plugin to make the site better-looking. There is a range of Woocommerce plugins for every purpose and there are even tons of plugins just to enhance the UX and sales.

The free plugin called Woocommerce checkout field editor helps in customizing the default checkout fields of Woocommerce by adding and removing the default fields and thereby converting it to a more relevant and user-friendly checkout page.

This is one example of the types of extension available in the WordPress directory and there are literally tens of thousands of plugins, be it for a very big functionality or be it is to achieve a very minute feature.

And these come in various types as well for Eg, when it comes to plugins that could really boost the sales there are many in this lot – one good example is the woocommerce dynamic pricing plugin, yet another free plugin, which helps in adding bulk discounts based on various parameters like total cart value, number of products bought, product category, etc.

Easy Store Management

It is amazing to have online software that provides control to its users to a large extend. Online store holders can sell anywhere, anytime, and to any extend. Product sellers can keep track of stock and handle inventory on a day-to-day basis.

The seller can comfortably manage getting orders, holding stock, editing stock, customer purchase updating and refunding, etc. Store owners can trust it’s working by giving access to its team to manage orders.

Product Display Diversification

WooCommerce allows its members to make efficient product displays in different layouts. Product pictures could be displayed in grid/list form, slide share, portfolio mode, catalog mode, gallery mode, product bundle, or layout form. It allows its users to upload unlimited product pictures.

Customer Support 

WooCommerce team never compromises on the service they provide to its users. In case of any query or usage confusion, a user can ask for technical support anytime. Customer support managers solve the issues. They give video tutorials and guide in the installation, activation, and web designing process.

Automatic Tax Calculation

Taxes are always hard to manage. WooCommerce has the best feature of automatic tax calculation. It saves product sellers from the hustle of calculating taxes daily. The taxes are calculated on the cart automatically according to state tax rates.

Mobile Application

WooCommerce can also be installed on Android or iOS phones. Easy access to WooCommerce makes business management fast and easy. Mobile application in any online business becomes the reason for brand higher ratings and sales-boosting factors. A product seller can send a push notification to its customers instantly and give a response to customer orders at a fast speed.

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Several Payment Gateways

Another, reason which makes WooCommerce product seller’s best choice is its multiple payment gateways through which customers can submit payment of products. Stripe, Amazon pay, Square, Payfast, PayPal, Authorize.Net, First Data, Sage pay are a few of the popular payment gateways associated with WooCommerce.


There is no doubt WooCommerce is the best choice for product sellers due to its unique features, rich plugins, and flexible designs. 

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