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The 23-year-old young American football quarterback player has made a name for himself in the game soon. He was born in the USA on July 25, 2001, and started playing football in school. Bryce was the LA Player of the Year in high school before he started playing professionally. He also received the SEC Championship Game MVP accolade in 2021. Honored as an All-American in 2024 and selected to play in the twenty-fourth edition of the All-American Bowl the same year, Bryce made quite a fortune at a young age owing to his hard work and determination in his profession.

Bryce Young’s net worth is $10-15 million as of 2024.


Bryce Young is an American football quarterback of the Alabama Crimson Tide team. He was born to parents Julie Young and Craig Young on July 25, 2001, in Philadelphia, United States. He also has a younger sister. Bryce is an American national of African-American descent. His family moved to Pasadena, California. He received his initial education at Cathedral High School in Los Angeles before moving to Mater Dei High School in California.

Bryce started taking an interest in football and was named the LA Player of the Year in Cathedral High School, besides California’s Gatorade Football Player of the Year. He went to Alabama for further education and played college football for 9 games in the season. Bryce Young is now pursuing his degree from a university in Alabama.


Bryce Young’s love life is totally a mystery, you know? He hasn’t really spilled the beans on any romantic relationships or who he’s crushing on lately. Even though people have seen him with a girl a while back, he’s kept mum about it, and his Instagram doesn’t give away any clues either. Guess he’s just focused on balling out and living his best life right now, which is cool, I guess!


Bryce started playing in high school and became popular in a very short time. Later he played in college and served as the backup quarterback to junior Mac Jones. His college football career began in 2020 with two rushing yards on four tries and a 5-of-8 throw completion percentage.

In 2021, Bryce joined Crimson Tide as the team’s starting quarterback. He won the Heisman Trophy in December 2021, becoming the first Alabama quarterback to win it.


Bryce has been playing since he was a young child and has received various awards, including the LA Player of the Year in high school. Other Bryce Young awards and achievements include:

  • USA Today Offensive Player of the Year (2019)
  • USA Today High School All-American (2019)
  • Pete Dawkins Trophy (2020)
  • CFP National Championship award (2020)
  • SEC Championship Game MVP (2021)
  • AP College Football Player of the Year (2021)
  • First team All-SEC (2021)
  • SEC Offensive Player of the Year (2021)
  • Davey O’Brien Award (2021)
  • Heisman Trophy (2021)
  • Maxwell Award (2021)
  • Honored as an All-American (2024)
  • Selected to play in the twenty-fourth edition of the All-American Bowl (2024)
  • Scheduled to participate in the annual East vs. West matchup at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas (2024)
  • All-American Bowl participant (2024)
  • Game to be broadcast live on NBC and Peacock (January 6, 2024)



Young makes a lot of money from deals where companies pay him to promote their products. Some of the companies he works with are Cash App and PSD Underwear. These deals provide him with substantial income and make more people know about him, which might help him get even better deals later on.

Bryce earns majorly from his football matches, and the prize money won in different games. His annual income is $250,000 with a monthly $22,000 compensation.

He also has a sponsorship with Logan’s Roadhouse, as he announced on Instagram about watching Crimson Tide and his play at Logan’s Roadhouse.


Bryce Young’s net worth is $10-15 million as of 2024.


YearNet Worth
2024$10-15 million
2023$10 million
2022$1 million
2021$0.8 million
2020$0.7 million
2019$0.6 million
2018$0.5 million


“For me, it’s not always been about proving them wrong but proving to myself what I can accomplish.” – Bryce Young

“There obviously are expectations, but regardless of what happened in high school are any past experiences I’ve had, coming to Bama is where you come for pressure and come for expectations.” – Bryce Young

“My goal is to really craft my game around what we need as a team, whatever Coach O’Brien or Coach Saban wants me to do, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m someone who tries to work hard on and off the field and really I want to do whatever it is that’s best for the team.” – Bryce Young

“For me, it’s more about how hard I can work, how hard I can push myself, in practice and the offseason and that’s really where the confidence comes from for me.” – Bryce Young

“I tried my best to do all I can do to maximize what I’m doing.” – Bryce Young


Bryce Young was born to parents Julie Young and Craig Young on July 25, 2001, in Philadelphia, United States. He started playing football in school and joined the Alabama Crimson Tide team as a quarterback player in 2021. He received various awards and achievements throughout his career, including USA Today Offensive Player of the Year, CFP National Championship award, AP College Football Player of the Year, First team All-SEC, Maxwell Award, etc. Bryce Young has a net worth of $10-15 million with a $4.37 million annual income.



Bryce Young will earn a base salary of $915,000 and a roster bonus of $1,560,231 in 2024, with a cap hit of $8,626,153 and a dead cap value of $31,054,150.This leads to his net worth of $10-15 million.


Born to parents of African descent, Bryce Young is an American national.


Bryce Hall is an American music artist and social media personality with wealth amounting to over $2 million. In February 2024, he’s expected to earn about $400,000 yearly, or around $30,000 each month.

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