Tom Sandoval and Raquel


Celebrity relationships always garner attention, but few have captured the public imagination quite like that of Tom Sandoval and Raquel. As stars of the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, their tumultuous on-again, off-again romance has played out in dramatic fashion on our screens. Though they tried to make it work, this celebrity couple just couldn’t seem to get on the same page.

From public fights to cheating allegations, their partnership was anything but smooth sailing. Even after calling it quits, Sandoval and Raquel still dominate headlines. As their riveting story continues to unfold, fascination with these reality TV stars remains at a fever pitch. This article takes a deep dive into the complex dynamic between Tom and Raquel that keeps us all watching.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Engaged – Are They?

The question of whether Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss are engaged has sparked much curiosity among fans. Despite rumors circulating about a possible engagement, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence to confirm it. While fans eagerly await any official announcements or signs, the couple has remained relatively tight-lipped about their relationship status. Without clear confirmation from either Tom or Raquel, it’s challenging to determine the truth behind the speculations. For now, it seems that the status of their engagement remains a mystery, leaving fans to wonder and speculate until further information is revealed. But, they were in a secret relationship that is not to be missed!

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Affair

In March 2023, TMZ revealed that “Vanderpump Rules” stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were involved in a secret relationship, leading to the end of Sandoval’s nine-year relationship with fellow cast member Ariana Madix. Despite the affair coming to light, Sandoval and Leviss confessed to continuing to spend time together. Sandoval described the situation as a “perfect storm,” while Leviss expressed regret for disappointing those who believed in her. Their admission added further intrigue to the unfolding drama, leaving fans eager to see how the story would evolve in the wake of their affair being exposed.

Who Did Tom Sandoval Cheat With?

Tom Sandoval cheated on his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, with their friend and fellow “Vanderpump Rules” cast member, Raquel Leviss. In August 2022, Sandoval admitted to a one-night stand with Leviss, which ultimately led to the end of his nine-year relationship with Madix. The revelation of Sandoval’s infidelity caused shockwaves within the reality TV community and sparked discussions about trust and fidelity. The affair became a focal point of public scrutiny, raising questions about the dynamics of relationships within the cast and the consequences of betraying a partner’s trust.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Break Up

In May 2023, the relationship between “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss came to an end, just two months after news of their months-long affair surfaced. The affair, which began in August 2022, stirred significant controversy among the cast of the reality show. Sandoval opened up about his feelings, expressing that he had fought hard for Leviss and admitting to seeking emotional validation through unhealthy connections. Additionally, in December 2023, Sandoval mentioned his desire to seek mental health treatment, though he had already committed to his 2023 tour before news of their cheating became public.

Are Tom Sandoval and Raquel Still Together?

As of the latest reports, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss are no longer together. Their relationship came to an end in May 2023, just two months after news of their affair surfaced. Despite the challenges they faced, including controversy among the cast of “Vanderpump Rules,” the couple ultimately decided to part ways. Their breakup marked the conclusion of a chapter in their relationship, leaving fans to speculate about their individual paths forward. As of now, Tom and Raquel have both moved on from their relationship and are now living their lives separately.

Who Is Tom Sandoval Dating Now?

As of February 2024, Tom Sandoval is reportedly dating model Victoria Lee Robinson. Prior to his relationship with Robinson, there were reports from The Sun in May 2023 indicating that Sandoval was dating Karlee Hale, an influencer based in Austin, Texas. However, in September 2023, Sandoval mentioned to E! News that he was not looking for anything serious and was enjoying being single. It’s worth noting that Sandoval was previously linked to his co-star Raquel Leviss, with whom he had an affair in 2022 while still in a relationship with Ariana Madix.

In a Nutshell

As Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss continue down their separate paths, one thing remains clear – their joyous relationship captivated Vanderpump Rules viewers. Their story highlights the complexities of relationships and the pain of heartbreak. As they move forward, fans are reflecting on the lessons learned from their ups and downs. Tom and Raquel will always be remembered in reality TV history for their dramatic romance. Their journey reminds us why we keep tuning in to shows like Vanderpump Rules season after season – to see the highs and lows of love unfold on screen.

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