6 Most Important Tips to Increase Windows PC Disk Space

pc disk space

Worried! Why your PC is lagging and slowing down, irritated by long loading processes? It can be happening due to high disk spaces which are taken by various software, their cache, and their other patches.

Here’s what you can do-

Turn off System Restore

By turning off System Restore, you can increase your disk space by up to 12%. If your PC facing a Windows Failure issue, then reinstall it rather than restore it. System Restore is a process by which that user can restore entire windows back on a particular date or time. The system Restoring process is beneficial only if our windows facing some crucial issues that we don’t have an idea on how to solve. According to me, it’s not worth turning on the System Restore function as it will take almost 12% of your hard disk space. If you don’t know how to turn off System Restore then don’t worry, here are steps to turn off System Restore.

  • Right-click on My Computer and click Properties
  • Choose the System Restore tab from the System Properties Dialog Box
  • Now turn off system restore on all drives option
  • Click on Apply

Delete all Temporary and Corrupt Files

The most effective way to increase the space of your hard disk is to delete or clean all the temporary files, junk files, browser corrupted files, and log files. You have to delete all these unwanted or faulty files. It also improves the performance of your system.

Duplicate files are another important reason which causes the disk space problem. So to get rid of this problem install the best duplicate file remover that automatically deletes duplicate files. It’s fine to delete files manually, you just need to figure out the file location. But, there are numerous tools available to delete these files, and it’s good to use those tools to clean up. Here, I suggest one tool and i.e., “Cleaner”. The cleaner is a free tool and also deletes all temporary files, log files, junk files, and corrupt files automatically.

Move Virtual Memory to other Drives

Windows utilized a paging document from hard disk size in a manner of extra RAM. It can support the PC execution, I won’t suggest you turn off this function. It’s prescribed to move it to other more space hard disk drives. It’s typically situated at the C drive, it would be ideal if you move the paging files from a low space hard disk drive to another more space hard disk drive. Virtual Memory is also called paging files or paging documents.


Turn off Windows Hibernate

Do we truly require this Hibernation function? No, we don’t have any requirements for this Windows Hibernate function. So, it is very beneficial to turn off Windows Hibernate as it cleans up space, and also improves the performance of your system. So, simply turn it off!

Windows Hibernate is a capacity that stores whatever it has in memory into our hard disk and closes down. Once our PC turns out from hibernation, it comes back to its past state. It can improve a ton of PC’s execution.

Recycle Bin

The recycle bin consumes a huge part of your hard drive to store deleted or erased files. However, this part is set by default at an extremely high number and winds up wasting a lot of space. In simple words, it consumes a lot of space that it doesn’t need. To fix this space hog, follow these steps:-

  • First right click on Recycle Bin then click on Properties.
  • Recycle Bin Properties window pop-up, click on Global Tab and choose Configure Drives Independently or Use One Setting for all Drives. 

It is always better to choose to configure drives independently as it is directly connected to the size of your drive.

  • Set the Slider Bar between 3% to 5% because 12% or 10% is very for your system.

Uninstall Useless Program

Many computer users are worried because their disk spaces always get full and mostly all pop-ups show insufficient space. To resolve this problem you can uninstall or remove the software and applications that are not being used. To uninstall such software and application follow these steps-

  • Click on Start, then Control Panel, Uninstall or change a program.
  • Sort the list of programs or files by their size by clicking on the Size Header.
  • Now Click on the program that you want to remove and Uninstall. 

So, these are some basic solutions to increase windows PC disk space. By implementing all these tips you can boost or increase your PC’s disk space. It not only increases the space but also improves the performance and efficiency of your system. If you do all that I referenced above, you should get at least a few GBs of space back. These are some space-saving solutions for Windows.

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