5 Ways to be More Productive on Content Marketing in 2024


Content marketing campaigns play an important role in promoting your brand, but at the same time, it is time-consuming and takes constant work for the fruition of your labor. Content marketers often undergo a lot of stress while conducting topic research, collecting data, and doing the actual writing. Digital marketers also need to incorporate SEO into content to properly rank the content on search engines.

Most companies conduct their content audit at the end of a quarter; the painful thing to know is that their teams seem less productive because they spend too much time focusing on the wrong things. Much worse, content marketers often don’t get much value from their content due to due to time-wasting activities. Let us explain what content marketers do wrong and how they can be more productive in 2024.

Things you do that Waste Time during Content Marketing

Before going into the strategies t help you save time in your content marketing techniques, let us first help you witness why too many marketers are wasting time on unnecessary activities.

Focusing on the Future, not the Present

Content marketers often fail to get a great benefit from their content because they are too busy thinking about or planning their next projects and deviate from the path of focusing on what is important today. Moreover, filling your content calendar with too much stuff leaves less time to communicate with your clients and understand their pain points.

Thinking too Much

Getting new ideas requires thinking; however, there is a time when new ideas should be stopped, and create a system that helps you to prioritize your blog posts. Don’t start new content until the previous content is finished. Avoid having too many unrealistic goals during brainstorming consent ideas to put the entire campaign in jeopardy.

Missing Focus and Tackling Irrelevant Things

Don’t do things that do not align with your marketing strategy. Many marketers get caught up in creating content without focusing on the objectives of their campaigns. Moreover, the biggest waste of time is to create hundreds of blogs or articles that are irrelevant; focus on producing quality publications, something that can succeed with your audience.

Manually Engaging on Social Media

Digital Marketing concerns spending too much time on manual social media engagement. It hurts you like a double-edged knife because social media algorithms are also making it tough to automate engagement. So, you can easily waste a whole day posting, liking, and commenting on social media.


Cutting and Pasting Content

You can also waste important time in copying and pasting text, numbers, statistics, graphs, and even infographics. The Vice President of Barkley Marketing, Jessica suggests that manual metrics aggregation is huge time waster. Marketers often chase new technologies that require hours of training; which leaves less time for distribution strategy.

Best Ways to Save Time on Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketers face this common problem all across the globe; so here is a simple solution to maximize your productivity during content marketing projects for SEO Services.

Focus on Creative Thinking with your Team

Brainstorming content ideas with your team can get diverted if you spend hours discussing irrelevant things. Once you start the meeting, focus on creating content ideas for a whole month instead of a single blog or a weekend post. Instead of choosing and thinking of content ideas one by one, plan and come up with content ideas following a creative path to bring you closer to your quarterly or monthly goal.

Plan Promotion before you Create

To save time on content marketing, plan in advance how you are going to promote your long-form blog pieces and emails. Some marketers don’t know what to do next when they hit publish; you should plan ahead where you are going to promote your content; what format the promotion should take, and how are you going to re-purpose your consent.

Create Outlines as Skeletons

For creating effective content, outlines are essential. You should always look at a map before starting your journey on a content road; outlines provide a path or a map before writing content. And it only takes five to ten minutes to create an outline.

Separate Writing from the Research

You can save time on actual writing by performing rigorous research and collecting all information and links you require before forming phrases or sentences. Sprinkle your ideas into words and provide examples that prove your point. While writing, don’t re-open Google ten times to look up for information you require, that wastes significant time. So save your research from rabbit holes and focus on one thing at a time.

Create Long-Form Blogs in Divided Sessions

Last but not least, an important tip provided by Julia McCoy of Express Writers, USA is that breaking up your time for creating long-form content can save you valuable time. Take short breaks between sessions and use the Pomodoro Technique to get your writers back into focus mode.

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