How to Learn PPC Marketing

Budget planning

Learning PPC marketing is a simple process but can be intimidating for a beginner. Right from correct planning to execution, every step contributes to making the whole campaign effective. PPC marketing can work much better when you know the audience well and have understood the use of basic terms like keyword match type and others.


PPC marketing stands for Pay-per-click marketing. Businesses trying to achieve an online presence employ this marketing to meet their advertising objectives. This marketing is aimed at having more impressions on the website. However, modern advertisers are not satisfied with impressions only. They need the clicks that convert too and add to the bottom line of the client’s business. So, if you are not sure about executing a result-oriented PPC marketing campaign, this learner’s guide can be your key to online success.

In this simple guide, you will learn about:

  • How to define the audience
  • Ways to formulate a keyword strategy
  • Keyword purchase budget planning
  • Creating ad copies that convert
  • Evaluate the ad performance and enhance it
    So, here you go!
  • How to define the audience

Designing a PPC marketing campaign can yield better results when focusing on the audience with better cognition. The best trick is to design the campaign according to a particular region. Cultural sensibilities, ways to search for products, or use of key phrases, and keywords differ from region to region. The ads also need to be in sync with the consumers’ habits, preferences, and premises of relationships. So, it is not only the demographics but the internet usage behavior that advertisers need to consider while designing the PPC marketing campaign. To add to all, find a balanced design pattern taking into consideration both granular and broad approaches.

Ways to Formulate a Keyword Strategy

A very crucial part of understanding the audience is knowing about the keywords used most commonly by the customers. If you know the audience’s search habits, you can employ them to design a workable keyword strategy. You can also pick from the options like – broad match, phrase match, exact match, or modified broad match. These keyword match types allow marketers to know what will work for aggressive and focused targeting.

It is worth understanding that the keyword strategy has to be within the advertisement budget. All phrases or keywords come with a cost. It would help if you researched past performance and the trending pattern of keywords to make choices that yield conversions. Revenue generated is the real indicator of the performance of a keyword.

Keyword Purchase Budget Planning

How much revenue do you expect to generate from the digital platforms? This figure tells you how much money you should allocate to the ad spend, keyword purchase, etc. There is an unspoken rule of 20% overshooting that happens to the budget when you share the expenditure plan with Google. The safer way to stick to a budget is to factor in the 20% excess and then share the budget.

Person open netflix on ipad

For example, if you plan to spend $1000 on PPC marketing, factor it in by 20% and quote the budget. Also, you must ensure that you are not under-spending. It can merely be the waste of whatever money you spend, firstly. Also, you may miss the audience, which could be your conversion source. Therefore, PPC budgeting and keyword selection has to be done with a thorough critical evaluation.

Creating ad Copies that Convert

Just getting the clicks and the place on the results page on the input of some key phrase by the prospective customer is not the end. It is the start of things! Once the customers have reached the ad, there should be something exciting waiting for them there. Some rules that help improve the click rate of the ads are:

  • Headline length: 60 characters
  • URL Path: 30 characters
  • Description: 80 characters

These contribute to the catchiness of the ads and compel the readers to click and explore the ad.

Further, ads should land on the page entirely relevant to the information provided. It is advisable to test the ad copies’ 2-3 different versions in multiple ads and gauge each response. The ad designers can also keep some ad copies in the buffer to ensure that they have a magic trick up their sleeve if all other versions failed to impress.

Evaluate the ad Performance and Enhance it

How your ads performed and helped you achieve your goal are worth finding. Won’t you want to know whether the ads were successful in terms of the aims you had envisioned? So, take the help of this simple tool to find that in an unbiased manner. This tool is called GTM.

UTM is expandable as a Google tag manager. It is a snippet tag. This tag is appended to the URL link included in the ad. The purpose of this link is to provide information about identity that brought the reader to the ad. Thus, using GTM, advertisers can find how the visitors landed on the page. If you hosted a region-specific ad campaign, you could know how the ad fared in those regions.

GTM Helps to Find

  • Which area contributed the most to the ad’s success
  • Which resource (banner, search page, product page, etc.) brought the visitor to the ad

According to the information provided by GTM, advertisers can pick ad enhancement techniques.

For example, to add to the click-worthiness of ads, they can make ad titles more appealing. Secondly, they can work on the relevance and prominence of keywords in the content. They must also pay more attention to the user expectations/demands and bring some changes in the offerings based on those.

Finally, budget evaluation is also necessary. If specific keywords have not worked at all, the budget allotted to those can be diverted to more yielding ones.

Above is a self-learning guide that can help you know about PPC marketing basics and its practices.


Learning PPC marketing is a must if you want to create an impressive online presence. You should learn about keyword planning and budgeting and employ analytics to evaluate ad performance. There are certain tools like GTM also available, which make it easy for advertisers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the ads.

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