5 Best Android Apps installed and used to Save WhatsApp Statuses

Whatsapp in mobile phone

In this article, I will list some of the best android apps to save your and your friend’s WhatsApp status. Thus, these applications are popularly known as WhatsApp Status saver apps. Automatically disappearing stories set on your Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram is a feature of this social networking and messaging application.

Today WhatsApp status has become a busy place for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings in the form of multimedia such as image statuses, video statuses, memes, queries, and gifs to their contacts. Many people use their WhatsApp status as a piece of news as well as many for flaunting their lifestyle. Therefore after reading this article, you can make your choice through the best app to save WhatsApp full-screen video status and images to your phone’s gallery. Whereas more on WhatsApp visit mega status full-screen video status downloading hub.

Before I start, let us know how the android WhatsApp status saver apps work in real. File management is said to be easy in Android and is open for exploring for its users but there may be people far from techy things and might not be knowing that all the WhatsApp statuses of the contacts are saved automatically by the WhatsApp application on the phone’s internal storage.

But hold on those Whatsapp statuses are saved in the hidden “.statuses” folder at the “Whatsapp” folder. Getting out those statuses from that location is not a difficult or big thing for any person with adequate skills but what about the person who cannot? That is where the Android Whatsapp status Saver Apps Comes into the Play by showing the statuses saved in that hidden folder to you, from where you can cut or copy them to anywhere you want.

Why use Android Status Saver Application

Manually doing this stuff is hectic as many of the file managers do not allow that hidden folder to be exposed by default to its users. These applications will divide the content of the folder into images, videos, and GIFs thus allowing you to save anyone’s WhatsApp status at ease. Below we wrote a minimal description of the Whatsapp status saver application please have a look:

Best Apps to Save WhatsApp Status to Gallery (Contacts’ statuses)

Status Saver

This app can be said as the cleanest one on the list. It does have all the tools required to properly save any status, with the help of this application, you can both save and even see them directly on the app before saving it to the phone. You can scroll to the left and right to easily open the videos or images from statuses from your contacts.

Whattsapp Status

A little flow of the application is that you cannot search the statuses by contact names directly because the application is not directly connected with the WhatsApp Database or API. There if you have a huge list of contacts it will be taking little time to search and browse their WhatsApp status. Despite a little flaw, the app is with a clean interface hence making the whole process easier. This Application can be downloaded from the play store.

Status Downloader for WhatsApp

No different from the previous choice, the application is blessed with pretty good graphics and a user interface with the same color scheme as the official WhatsApp itself. This application is too fully capable of saving WhatsApp status on your phone permanently but with some extra bonuses such as “Status Wall”. This is a place where users share interesting videos, images, quotes, and GIFs. You can download these directly to the phone and then put them on personal status. How cool is that!

Next on the app is an option to send messages to unsaved Whatsapp numbers. Although not required an amazing feature is included by the developer. It copies and displays all the data from the “.statuses” folder in a more digestible form. This Application can be downloaded from the play store.

Status Saver – WhatsApp Status Video Download App

Well, the interface of this application is not based on the main color scheme of Whatsapp itself due to which I will say if you are not a fan of green looking at android WhatsApp status downloader apps then opt for it.

Talking about the functioning of this app then it’s good and works great. It will copy all your videos, images, and Gifs from the Whatsapp Status Folder where ever you want them to. But, this app does not allow its users to sort the statuses on the basis of the contact names or times i.e you need to find the required contact through a frantic search. This Application can be downloaded from the play store.

And YA! an important note about the app. In order for a status media to show up in this app, you need to view it at least one time in your official WhatsApp status application.

Status Saver for WhatsApp

The fourth on the list is a Status saver for Whatsapp App which is quite simple to use and minimalistic in terms of the user. On the opening of this app, the two buttons can be seen with images as well second with videos. This app, when installed on your phone automatically, downloads the status video and images that are viewed by the user through his/her main WhatsApp status application. This Application can be downloaded from the play store.

When scrolled the list of status images and videos is not organized on the basis of the contact’s names or anything like that but sorted on the basis of download date and time. Therefore completely helpful in finding and saving the required statuses on your phone.

Story Saver for WhatsApp

As we all know people do share every kind of emotional as well as fun stuff on WhatsApp. These include funny videos, GIFs, memes, quotes, political videos, songs, and whatnot. The app allows the user to save multiple files at once. Also, you can both save or view the status videos and images before saving it to your android phone with the help of this application. This Application can be downloaded from the play store.


Well, we tried our best to get you some of the famous and in-trend applications for the task of saving WhatsApp status on your phone. We do respect everyone’s privacy and security be safe and always do keep your android phones or more over your social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Webchat, Facebook, and Instagram especially password protected. So that you can be safe from unauthorized access, data breaching, or leaks.

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