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Dubai, a city known for its towering skyscrapers and modern infrastructure, has managed to seamlessly blend its contemporary façade with a rich maritime history. Dubai’s maritime legacy is best experienced through a Dhow cruise, offering tourists a unique and enchanting way to connect with the city’s coastal beauty, culture, and cuisine. This detailed article will take you on a comprehensive journey into the world of Dhow cruises, from their historical significance to practical details for your next cruise in Dubai.

What is a Dhow Cruise?

Dhows are traditional Arabian sailing vessels crafted from wood. Their unique design, with large triangular sails, has been iconic for centuries. These vessels played a pivotal role in the region’s history, engaging in activities like fishing, pearl diving, and trading. Today, many have been meticulously refurbished and adapted for tourist cruises.

Historical Significance of Dhows Cruise Dubai

The historical significance of Dhow cruises in Dubai is rooted in these iconic vessels’ role as the lifeline of trade and connectivity throughout the region’s rich maritime history. Dhows, traditional Arabian sailing vessels made of wood, were instrumental in facilitating the exchange of goods, cultures, and ideas between the Gulf and other distant lands, leaving an indelible mark on the region’s heritage. These vessels serve as a tangible connection to a bygone era of exploration and enterprise, underscoring their enduring importance and cultural value in Dubai’s history.

How much is the Entrance Fee to the Dhow Cruise?

The entrance fees for Dhow cruises can vary considerably, depending on several factors. These factors include the type of cruise, the specific inclusions, and any additional services you may choose to enhance your experience. To gain a precise understanding of the cost, it is advisable to inquire about the specifics of the entrance fee when booking your Dhow cruise. This way, you can select the package that aligns with your preferences and budget.

Is Dinner Included in the Dhow Cruise Dubai Cost?

For many travelers seeking a memorable experience, the question of whether dinner is included in the Dhow cruise cost is an important one. The good news is that numerous Dhow cruises in Dubai offer all-inclusive packages that incorporate a sumptuous dinner. These dinners often feature a delightful fusion of international and local cuisines, promising passengers a gastronomic adventure as they sail through Dubai’s picturesque waters. It’s a chance to savor the flavors of the region while enjoying the stunning views that the city’s shoreline offers.

Best Dinner Time on Dhow Cruise Dubai

Selecting the perfect time for dinner on a Dhow cruise in Dubai often comes down to personal preference. Many passengers prefer evening cruises, typically scheduled from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, which are particularly popular for their romantic ambiance. As the sun descends below the horizon during this timeframe, it bathes the city skyline in a warm, golden glow, creating a captivating backdrop for a romantic meal. The evening setting is also ideal for capturing stunning photographs, making it a sought-after choice for couples and those looking for a memorable dining experience.

What is the Dress Code for Dhow Cruise Dubai?


Most Dhow cruises in Dubai adopt a smart-casual dress code. While there is typically no strict enforcement of this dress code, it is advisable to dress neatly and comfortably to fully relish the experience. The smart-casual attire allows passengers to blend style with relaxation, making the cruise an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Are Kids Allowed on Dhow Cruises?

Dhow cruises in Dubai are renowned for being family-friendly and welcoming to passengers of all ages, including children. In fact, many of these cruises go the extra mile to ensure a pleasant experience for families by providing special entertainment and activities suitable for kids. This ensures that the entire family can enjoy the serene and picturesque journey through Dubai’s waters.

What is the Largest Dhow in Dubai?

In a city known for its extravagance, Dubai’s largest dhow, the “Al Mansour Dhow,” stands as a testament to the city’s penchant for grandeur. This magnificent vessel offers passengers an opulent setting for their cruise experience. As one of the most spacious and luxurious dhows in Dubai, it is known for its top-tier amenities, ensuring that passengers have a truly memorable and lavish voyage. The “Al Mansour Dhow” combines the rich maritime history of the region with modern comforts, creating an unforgettable journey along Dubai’s coast.


A Dhow cruise in Dubai offers a unique and multifaceted experience, blending tradition, culture, and modern comfort. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner under the stars, a cultural immersion, or a family-friendly outing, there’s a Dhow cruise to suit your preferences. The Dhow cruise encapsulates the essence of Dubai’s maritime legacy, offering a unique perspective on a city that seamlessly blends its past and present. It’s a journey that not only showcases the city’s stunning skyline but also allows you to experience the charm of a bygone era, connecting with the heart of Dubai’s maritime history.

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