How to Check Travel Ban in UAE


Traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a dream for many, with its stunning skyscrapers, pristine beaches, and a blend of tradition and modernity. However, it’s crucial to be aware of potential travel bans that might affect your plans. Travel bans, imposed for various reasons, can disrupt your travel and lead to unforeseen complications. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of travel bans, the types in the UAE, and how to check for them. This information will empower you to embark on your UAE adventure with confidence, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

What is a Travel Ban?

A travel ban, also known as an immigration hold, is a legal restriction imposed on an individual, preventing them from leaving the country or entering the UAE. Travel bans can be imposed for various reasons, including unpaid debts, legal issues, immigration violations, and outstanding fines. These bans are typically issued by UAE authorities to ensure that individuals address their legal obligations before they can leave the country.

Travel bans are not uncommon, and it’s essential to understand their implications. If you have a travel ban, attempting to leave the UAE can result in fines, legal consequences, or even imprisonment. Therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of your status before planning any international travel.

Types of Travel Bans in UAE

The UAE employs various types of travel bans, each with specific reasons and implications. Some common types include:

  • Financial Debts: Travel bans may be imposed on individuals who have unpaid debts, such as credit card bills, loans, or outstanding rent. These bans can be lifted once the debts are settled.
  • Legal Issues: Individuals facing legal proceedings or pending court cases might have travel bans placed on them to ensure their availability during the legal process.
  • Immigration Violations: People with expired or invalid visas, residence permits, or other immigration violations may be subject to travel bans until they rectify their immigration status.
  • Outstanding Fines: If you have unpaid fines, such as traffic fines, you may not be able to leave the UAE until these fines are cleared.

Steps to Check for Travel Bans

Travel bans can be imposed for various reasons, such as legal issues, outstanding debts, or immigration violations. To check for a travel ban in the UAE, you can follow these steps:

Contact the UAE Immigration Department

To check for a travel ban in the UAE, visit official government websites, like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. They offer online services for travel ban inquiries. Alternatively, contact the UAE Immigration Department, providing your passport and personal information for verification.

Visit a Local Police Station


If you are already in the UAE, you can visit a local police station and request information about any travel bans associated with your name. Make sure to bring your passport or identification with you.

Consult with a Legal Expert

If you believe that you may have legal issues or fines that could result in a travel ban, it might be a good idea to consult with a legal expert or attorney who specializes in UAE law. They can assist you in checking your status and guide you on how to address any issues.

Use a Trusted PRO Service

There are professional services and PRO (Public Relations Officer) companies in the UAE that can assist you with various government-related matters, including checking for travel bans. They have the expertise and knowledge to navigate the system and provide you with the necessary information.

How to Remove Travel Ban in UAE?

Removing a travel ban in the UAE involves addressing the specific cause. Unpaid debts require settling outstanding obligations, while legal issues demand resolving court proceedings with possible legal counsel. For immigration violations, rectify visa and residence status, and for fines, clear outstanding dues. Taking the right actions, adhering to legal procedures, and, if needed, seeking legal advice will help resolve the underlying issues. Once these issues are resolved, contact the authorities to request the ban’s removal, granting you the freedom to travel once again.

What is the Minimum Amount for Travel Ban in UAE?

The travel ban in the UAE typically requires a minimum indebtedness amount of AED 10,000. However, this minimum threshold can vary depending on the specific circumstances and reasons for the travel ban. As mentioned earlier, travel bans can be imposed for various financial and legal issues, and the exact amount may differ based on the nature and magnitude of the issue in question. It’s important to consult relevant authorities or legal experts to determine the precise criteria for your travel ban.


In conclusion, when planning your trip to the UAE, it’s essential to be aware of potential travel bans that can disrupt your travel plans. These bans can be imposed for various reasons, including unpaid debts, legal issues, immigration violations, or outstanding fines. To check for a travel ban, utilize government websites, consult legal experts, or engage professional services in the UAE. To remove a travel ban, address the specific issue, such as settling debts or resolving legal matters. While a minimum threshold for travel bans is typically AED 10,000, it can vary depending on individual circumstances. Taking proactive steps to resolve any outstanding issues ensures a seamless and memorable journey in the UAE.

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