Places to Visit in UAE with Family for Free

Dubai Building

Nestled amidst the glamour and modernity, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) unveils a realm of cost-free treasures and family-friendly destinations. Beyond the skyscrapers and luxurious facades, the UAE offers a tapestry of experiences catering to budget-conscious travelers. From Dubai’s historic neighborhoods to Abu Dhabi’s cultural extravaganzas, the Emirates beckon families to explore serene beaches, delve into rich heritage, and embrace nature’s tranquility—all without denting their wallets. This guide unveils the no-cost marvels of the UAE, promising enriching experiences and cherished memories while keeping expenses in check.

Exploring Free Gems Across Emirates

Exploring Free Gems Across Emirates with family invites a free journey through the UAE’s diverse landscapes, offering budget-friendly attractions and enriching experiences for all ages.

Dubai: Beyond Glitz and Glamour

Dubai, the epitome of luxury, doesn’t fall short on free attractions. Beyond the towering skyscrapers, the city offers Jumeirah and Kite Beach, where families can bask in the sun and enjoy the azure waters without spending a dirham. For a touch of history, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, nestled along Dubai Creek, invites exploration of traditional architecture and cultural sites.

Abu Dhabi: Cultural Extravaganza

Abu Dhabi, the capital, is a haven for culture enthusiasts. The Corniche Beach, with its pristine shoreline and picturesque views, serves as an ideal spot for families seeking relaxation. The Heritage Village authentically recreates traditional Bedouin life, while the Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village offers insights into the UAE’s rich heritage and craftsmanship.

Sharjah: Art and Nature Unite

Sharjah, often called the cultural capital, boasts free attractions such as the Al Majaz Waterfront, where families can enjoy leisurely walks along the promenade, and Al Mamzar Park, an oasis of greenery and beaches. The Sharjah Art Museum, showcasing local and international artworks, opens its doors to art enthusiasts without any entry fee.

Sharjah Art and Nature Unite

Ras Al Khaimah: Nature’s Tranquility

Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais Mountains, the highest peak in the UAE, presents panoramic vistas and a thrilling drive up the winding roads. Meanwhile, Al Hamra Beach provides a laid-back atmosphere for beachgoers to unwind amidst stunning coastal views. Delve into the history of the region at the National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah, offering free admission to visitors.

Fujairah: Coastal Bliss and Historical Marvels

Fujairah’s coastal charms include the scenic Fujairah Corniche, perfect for leisurely strolls along the waterfront, and the refreshing Hatta Pools, natural rock pools nestled amid mountains offering a cool respite from the heat. History buffs can explore the ancient Al Badiyah Mosque, the UAE’s oldest mosque, and relax at the tranquil Ain Al Madhab Hot Springs.

Al Ain: Oasis of Culture

Al Ain, the “Garden City,” houses the Al Ain Classic Car Museum, where vintage automobile enthusiasts can marvel at an impressive collection, free of charge. Meanwhile, the scenic Jebel Hafeet, offering sweeping views of the city and surrounding landscapes, provides an ideal spot for a family outing.

Minimum Cost of Stay in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, the average monthly expenses for a single individual stand at an average of AED 4,000, while the average cost of living in UAE for a family of four is AED 14,000. This encompasses essential costs such as rent, groceries, transportation, and leisure activities. Accommodation in the UAE caters to various budgets. While luxury hotels and resorts offer lavish amenities, budget-friendly options like hostels, guesthouses, and serviced apartments provide comfortable stays without straining your wallet. Prices for accommodations may vary based on location, season, and amenities offered, with budget options starting from approximately AED 150 per night.

General Tips for Exploring Free Places in the UAE

General Tips for Exploring Free Places in the UAE help travelers make the most of cost-free attractions while immersing in the country’s diverse offerings without overspending.

  • Check for Free Entry: Keep an eye out for specific days or timings when attractions offer free admission.
  • Leverage Public Parks and Gardens: Explore the well-maintained public spaces across the cities.
  • Immerse in Local Markets and Souks: Experience the vibrant local culture without spending a dime.
  • Participate in Cultural Events and Festivals: Embrace the local festivities and cultural celebrations that often have free entry.

Does UAE have Freedom of Religion?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) upholds a degree of religious freedom within its cultural landscape. Islam is the official religion, yet the country’s constitution guarantees the freedom to practice and worship for individuals of all faiths. Embracing religious diversity, the UAE permits the construction of non-Muslim places of worship like churches, temples, and synagogues, primarily within expatriate communities. While religious tolerance is promoted, there are limitations in place, prohibiting actions or speech considered offensive to Islam or other religions. The country expects adherence to its laws and cultural norms while respecting diverse religious beliefs, creating an environment that fosters harmony between various faiths within its society.


The UAE with family reveals a wealth of cost-free experiences across its diverse landscapes. From Dubai’s captivating beaches to Abu Dhabi’s rich cultural displays, the Emirates offer historical, natural, and leisurely delights without expense. Sharjah’s blend of art and nature, Ras Al Khaimah’s breathtaking panoramas, Fujairah’s coastal allure, and Al Ain’s cultural marvels contribute to budget-friendly family adventures. Accommodation options cater to various budgets, starting at around AED 150 per night, ensuring comfortable stays for travelers. Tips such as seeking free-entry days, exploring parks and markets, and engaging in cultural events enrich the journey without financial strain. The UAE’s embrace of religious freedom within its cultural context showcases tolerance while maintaining respect for cultural norms, fostering a harmonious societal tapestry. Enjoying the wonders of the UAE affordably ensures lasting family memories in a diverse and captivating land.

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