Which are the Smallest Countries in the World According to Land Area

Smallest Countries in the World

According to their land area, numerous countries in this world come under the category of small countries. In this article, we will shed light on the top 10 smallest countries in the world.

Have a look at the list of the top 10 smallest countries in the world:

S.no Country Name% of Earth’s land AreaArea (in sq. km)
1Vatican City<0.01%0.49
5San Marino<0.01%61
7Marshall Islands<0.01%181
8Saint Kitts and Nevis<0.01%261

Vatican City

Vatican City is the world’s smallest independent state, covering approximately 49 hectares (110 acres). The alluring factor of the country is that, it is the administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church’s spiritual. Moreover, in 1928, it gained independence from Rome, Italy. Furthermore, according to the land area, the Vatican is the smallest country with a population of 594. Moreover, this country has an ATM with Latin instruction. Therefore, their natives struggle to withdraw money from ATMs.



Monaco, which has an area of approximately 1.95 square kilometers (0.75 square miles) is the second smallest country in the world. Furthermore, this country is famous for its glamorous casinos, luxury hotels, and the prestigious Monte Carlo area. Although the people of Monaco can speak and understand the Monegasque, Italian, and English languages. However, French is the official language of the country.


This small Pacific Ocean island nation has an area of about 21 square kilometers (8.1 square miles). It is notable for being one of the world’s smallest and least populous countries. An estimated 200 tourists visit Nauru every year. Therefore, this country is considered under the list of the least visited countries in the world.


Tuvalu is another small Pacific island nation known for its remote location and low-lying coral atolls. It has an area of about 26 square kilometers (10 square miles). The entire country works on cash, which means this country doesn’t take credit cards. Moreover, before Tuvalu’s independence, this country was known as the Ellice Islands.

San Marino

San Marino is a neighborhood in Italy, covering approximately 61 square kilometers (24 square miles). It is one of the world’s oldest nations, located on the Apennine Mountains‘ northeastern flank. Similar to its neighboring nations, San Marino uses the euro as its official currency. In addition, this nation lacks military might, just like Liechtenstein.


In the Alps, midway between Switzerland and Austria sits the landlocked nation of Liechtenstein. It has an area of approximately 160 square kilometers (61.7 square miles). Moreover, Liechtenstein does not have its own army and airport. Apart from this, this country is the second least visited country in Europe. Citizens of Liechtenstein.

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

This Pacific Ocean country of numerous atolls and islands covers approximately 181 square kilometers (70 square miles). With time, the Marshall Islands may disappear due to climate change. Furthermore, Majuro is not only the capital of Marshall Island but also the economic and political of the country.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

This Caribbean country is made up of two islands and covers approximately 261 square kilometers (101 square miles). It is known for its beautiful beaches and rich colonial history. Moreover, the natives of the Kitts are known as Kittitians. Whereas the locals of the Nevis are renowned as Nevisian.


The Maldives is an archipelago known for its breathtaking coral reefs, luxurious resorts, and crystal-clear waters. It covers approximately 300 square kilometers (115 square miles). Moreover, if you want to atolls of the Maldives traditional boats are the best mode of transportation in this case. In addition, with time Maldives is slowly sinking.


Malta, an island nation covering approximately 316 square kilometers (122 square miles), is rich in history, boasting ancient ruins and beautiful Mediterranean landscapes. Moreover, this country is a tourist hotspot as over one million tourists arrive in Malta from various countries. In addition, it is also, renowned as the sunniest place in Europe.

Wrapping up

To wrap it up, in terms of land area, the above-mentioned are the top 10 smallest countries in the world.

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