NBA Players Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses


In the dynamic world of professional basketball, where talent, dedication, and resilience reign supreme, the NBA stands as a global platform showcasing the skills of extraordinary athletes. Amidst the spotlight, some players not only excel on the court but also carry a deeply rooted faith—Jehovah’s Witnesses—who navigate their careers while staying true to their religious convictions. Among these are notable figures like Darren Collison, Dewayne Dedmon, and Danny Granger, whose dedication to basketball is intertwined with their devotion to their faith.

The Impact of Faith: Lifestyle and Choices

For Jehovah’s Witness NBA players like Collison, Dedmon, and Granger, adherence to their faith extends beyond personal beliefs—it shapes their lifestyle choices. Refusal of military service, stemming from their religious convictions, reflects their commitment to non-violence and peace, often posing unique challenges in a league where patriotism and societal expectations intersect with professional sports.

Moreover, their stance on blood transfusions—a medical practice often required in sports-related injuries—presents a notable challenge. Balancing their beliefs and the demands of their athletic careers requires careful consideration and communication with medical practitioners and team management.

NBA Players Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses

In the diverse landscape of the NBA, there exists a subset of players whose talents on the court are complemented by their unwavering devotion to their faith as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Darren Collison

Darren Collison

Darren Collison’s embodiment of integrity and faith resonates throughout his actions, fostering a culture of respect and ethical conduct within the NBA circles. Beyond his individual achievements, Collison’s leadership reflects the profound impact of aligning deeply held beliefs with a demanding professional career. His unwavering commitment serves as an inspiration, not only in the realm of sports but as a testament to the potential for harmony between personal convictions and high-performance pursuits, a lesson reverberating far beyond the basketball court.

Dewayne Dedmon

Dewayne Dedmon

Dewayne Dedmon, revered for his commanding presence on the court, not only embodies defensive prowess and athleticism but also proudly identifies as a Jehovah’s Witness. Beyond his on-court contributions, Dedmon’s journey in professional basketball becomes a testament to the significance of his faith. His unwavering dedication to his beliefs isn’t just a reflection of his character but also serves as a beacon of resilience that defines the trajectory of his career. Dedmon’s commitment extends beyond the game, portraying an unwavering alignment of faith and sportsmanship that resonates within the NBA fraternity and beyond.

Danny Granger

Danny Granger

Danny Granger, a former NBA forward celebrated for his versatility and scoring prowess, stands as another luminary within the realm of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Throughout his tenure in professional sports, Granger’s adherence to his religious beliefs has been an integral facet of his identity. Amidst the myriad challenges that come with the professional basketball landscape, Granger emerges as a prime example of the seamless integration of faith and athletic success. His steadfast commitment to his principles not only guides his actions but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, epitomizing the potential for unwavering dedication to one’s beliefs in the pursuit of excellence.

Balancing Faith and Basketball

The intricate balance between their faith and the demands of professional basketball introduces a unique set of challenges for players within the Jehovah’s Witness community in the NBA. The mandate to refuse military service and blood transfusions, central tenets of their beliefs, can occasionally clash with aspects of the NBA lifestyle. The call for teamwork and camaraderie in sports occasionally intersects with beliefs that refrain from participation in certain activities.

However, their unwavering commitment to their faith acts as a guiding beacon, providing a moral compass and fostering a sense of resilience that propels them through these complex intersections. Their ability to navigate these challenges stands as a testament to their strength of character and dedication to their principles in the face of adversity, inspiring admiration within and beyond the basketball community.

Impact Beyond the Court

The influence of Jehovah’s Witness NBA players transcends beyond the confines of basketball arenas. Their resolute dedication to their faith not only shapes their on-court demeanor but also permeates into the hearts of fans and the broader community. Through their actions, both on and off the court, they become living embodiments of values such as integrity, discipline, and unwavering commitment, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.

Their stories extend beyond the realm of sports, becoming narratives of inspiration, encouraging countless individuals to pursue excellence while remaining steadfast in their beliefs, igniting a spirit of determination and unwavering dedication across diverse spheres of life.


In the high-stakes world of professional sports, the stories of NBA players who embrace Jehovah’s Witness beliefs shine brightly. Darren Collison, Dewayne Dedmon, Danny Granger, and their peers stand as exemplars of fortitude and commitment. Their unwavering dedication to their faith amidst the challenges of the NBA showcases not only their strength but also the importance of staying true to one’s principles in the pursuit of excellence.

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