Woody Johnson’s Net Worth

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Robert Woody Johnson IV is associated with the giant platform famously known as Johnson & Johnson. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth due to his association with a wealthy family and a well-known brand. Johnson & Johnson is currently worth $393.93B, which makes Woody Johnson’s net worth 3.5 billion USD.

He is also famously known as a leading American businessman, philanthropist, and Former United States ambassador to the UK from 2017 until 2021. He is also into real Estate and possesses multiple homes in Bedminster Township, New Jersey, and Manhattan.

Since Woody Johnson is always under the spotlight, Forbes and the public usually wonder what he is doing now and what Woody’s future goals are. Tag along with us to get an overview of Woody’s early life, how he had this level of net worth, and what his achievements are so far.

Woody Johnson’s Early Life

Johnson’s family is among the wealthiest in America, and Wood Johnson is the descendant of this Johnson legacy. In 1977, Woody married Nancy Sale, a former model, and started a family of three children. Although this relationship went downhill, the couple divorced in 2001. Both of their daughters died of natural causes. In 2010, one of his daughters, Casey, died due to diabetic ketoacidosis, and the other one, Jamie, died due to lupus. In 2009, Woody remarried and chose a former actress this time. Suzanne became the lucky girl in his life, and they had two beautiful kids together.

Woody Johnson's Career

Woody’s Career

Woody Johnson’s net worth is currently 3.5 billion USD, and he earned this value through serving as the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Johnson Company Inc. Some of his career highlights are as follows:

  • Committee President for the Pre-Commissioning Unit for the USS New York.
  • Served as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom from November 2017 to January 2021.
  • Purchased the NFL’s New York Jets in 2000 for $635 million. Under his supervision, the Jets’ worth went to $5.4 billion.
  • Helped John McCain raise more than $7 million for his presidential campaign in one night.
  • Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2017 to 2021.
  • Woody’s contribution in aiding the Ukrainian community after the Russian invasion, he donated almost $1 million to Ukrainian people.
  • Woody and his beautiful wife Suzanne visited Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
  • His contributions didn’t stop at the monetary aid; he used his power, creativity, and platform to convey his message towards the U.K. and U.S. Johnson wrote an article in “The Telegraph” expressing his condolences and concern regarding the Ukrainian people.
  • Woody Johnson served as the Council on Foreign Relations Chairman in 2002. He created an effective five-year fund package for the diabetes research center.

According to Woody’s 2017 federal financial disclosure, he had $1.7 billion in wealth outside the Jets. Most of Woody Johnson’s wealth needs to be disclosed to the public; however, his assets are spread widely across different industries.

Final Verdict – Woody Johnson Net Worth

When we talk about billionaires, we often think about their net worth. However, when we want to uncover the net worth of one of the wealthiest family heirs, like Woody Johnson, the bar of amazement starts to float high. As of 2023, the net worth of Woody Johnson is 3.1 billion USD; according to Bloomberg, the net worth is $7.75 billion.

In the last year, Johnson’s net worth was $5.7 billion. Woody is the heir of one of the leading brands, Johnson & Johnson, and owns the National Football League’s New York Jets. His net worth will increase rapidly as he ascends in different business ventures.

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