Essential Things to Know About Furnace Repair

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There are some things that you need to know about repairing your furnace. You should know some essential things to look at before you call a technician. You might save a few dollars if you can check these things out yourself.

You may need to call a professional after you have checked things out, but you will know what to tell them. You could call for Dayton, Ohio furnace repairs to see if they can help you. They will know how to help you with your problems.

This article will give you some things that you can look at before you call them. It will give you some solutions for the easier issues. You can also do more research to find the answers you need.

Essential Things to Look At

  • Main Power: One of the simplest things to look at is the main power switch. You need to determine if it is on. This may be something you do not think you need to look at, but you would be surprised at how many people call a technician out only to find out that this is the only problem. Take a minute to check if the main power is on before you call.
  • Reboot the Furnace: Another simple issue – modern furnaces might need a simple reboot. Just turn the furnace off for a few minutes and then turn it back on. This helps in many cases, but it could be a long shot. It does not hurt to try this step and it could actually work for you.
  • Thermostat Batteries: Check the batteries on your thermostat: Sometimes they go out without you realizing it. This is something that you can fix on your own without calling a repairman. You would only lose the cost of a new set of batteries.
  • Furnace Filter: Check your furnace filter to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. If it is clogged, this could cause your blower not to work. Clean or replace the filter and that should solve your problem. This is something that you could do on your own.
  • Buildup of Ice: This is a common problem with furnaces in colder climates. Ice will build up in the air intake or the exhaust of the furnace that is on the outside of the house. If you remove the ice buildup, your heater will begin working again. This might be something that you need to fix so that the ice will not build up again.
  • Condensate Trap Clogged: This could be another issue with high-efficiency furnaces – a clogged condensate trap. See here to learn more about that. You can check this out and then clean it out if it is clogged. There is a lot of moisture and condensate that is produced, and it goes to the trap. Dirt and debris can also get caught in the trap causing it to be clogged.
  • Make Sure that the Vents are Not Obstructed: Obstructed vents can also be a cause of the heater not working. There could be anything on the vents – outside it could be a bird’s nest or something similar. Clean these off and the heater will begin working again. Make sure that you check all the unit’s vents.
  • Check the Chimney:If you have an older, less efficient furnace, you might have a chimney that is obstructed. This could be a bird’s nest, a child’s toy, or anything else. Check this area before you call your repairman. This might be an easy fix for you.
  • Call a Professional: If these steps have not worked for you, it is time to call in the professionals. You do not want to do any more technical repairs because you could do more harm to the heater. Calling a professional will help you to save your furnace and save you money in the long run. You do not want to damage the heater because you tried to fix something too difficult to fix.
  • Use Another Source of Heat: If you need to wait for a technician, you might want to use another source of heat to stay warm. This could be an oil heater or an electric heater, for example. You do not want to get too cold while waiting.
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There are many things that you can check before you call a technician to fix your furnace. This could save you some money and the time of the technician. You do not want to attempt to fix any problems that might be more technical than this because you could damage the equipment.

You want to maintain your furnace regularly so that you have any of these issues. If you check your heater out at least once every three months, you will know about these issues as they pop up. You can save yourself some time and money if you maintain your heater as you should.

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