Why are Morgan Wallen Tickets so Expensive?


Morgan Wallen is a name known for being a top-notch singer and songwriter. He is the Billboard’s Top Country Artist. Morgan Rose from a performance at a Popular reality TV show and now a point of selling one of the most expensive tour tickets in the world. According to multiple sources Morgan Wallen earns $5 Million annually through his music and concerts. His 1 hour 45 minutes long concerts revolve around 24 songs and the prices of tickets are skyrocketing. Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at a Time is a hit these days and the concert tickets are quite expensive. Due to the high demand for Morgan Wallen concerts, tickets are pretty expensive.

Morgan Wallen Ticket Prices

Morgan faced fan backlash over sky-high ticket prices. However, the reason why are morgan wallen tickets so expensive depends upon the following factors:

  • Size of the Venue
  • Seat location
  • VIP upgrades

When we uncover How much are Morgan Wallen tickets, the price ranges may shock you a bit. These per-ticket charges can be from $721.10 to $41.00. Other than that, it is obvious that the VIP seating and premium seats are going to cost much more than the general tickets. For instance, the tickets in London for Morgan’s concert ranged from $178.00 to $1257.00.

How Many Tickets Can You Buy For Morgan Wallen Presale?

For Morgan’s concerts, you can purchase limited seats for yourself or anyone else. You are allowed to purchase only 6 tickets via your unique code. Before applying make sure that the event is on sale.

How Much Does Morgan Wallen Make Per Concert?

Due to his high demand and vast fan following, the tickets tend to get booked quickly and quite fast. Morgan Wallen is among the top-earning music artists with a net worth of $18 million. His per-concert income goes up to $600,000.

Morgan Wallen Tour Dates and Ticket

Morgan Wallen’s recent concert in London, GB at O2 Arena, was at the lowest ticket price of $161. Our artist is already jam-packed with the upcoming non-stop concerts. However, the ticket charges concern us all. So here are Morgan Wallen’s Setlist and the lowest possible price per ticket.

DateCityVenueLowest Price
04/04/2024Indianapolis, INLucas Oil Stadium$115
04/05/2024Indianapolis, INLucas Oil Stadium$125
04/20/2024Oxford, MSVaught-Hemingway Stadium$155
04/26/2024Indio, CAEmpire Polo Field$662
04/28/2024Indio, CAEmpire Polo Field$718
05/02/2024Nashville, TNNissan Stadium$173
05/03/2024Nashville, TNNissan Stadium$120
05/04/2024Nashville, TNNissan Stadium$134
05/09/2024Hershey, PAHersheypark Stadium$272
05/11/2024Philadelphia, PACitizens Bank Park$226
05/17/2024East Rutherford, NJMetLife Stadium$171
05/18/2024East Rutherford, NJMetLife Stadium$146
05/30/2024Panama City Beach, FLFrank Brown Park$349
06/02/2024Panama City Beach, FLFrank Brown Park$419
06/06/2024Myrtle Beach, SCCarolina Country Music Festival Grounds at Myrtle Beach$279
06/06/2024Virginia Beach, VAVeterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach$252
06/07/2024Virginia Beach, VAVeterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach$294
06/20/2024Minneapolis, MNUS Bank Stadium$150
06/21/2024Minneapolis, MNUS Bank Stadium$147
06/27/2024Denver, COEmpower Field at Mile High$145
06/28/2024Denver, COEmpower Field at Mile High$123
07/11/2024Tampa, FLRaymond James Stadium$198
07/12/2024Tampa, FLRaymond James Stadium$166
07/18/2024Charlotte, NCBank of America Stadium$109
07/19/2024Charlotte, NCBank of America Stadium$118
07/25/2024Arlington, TXAT&T Stadium$178
07/26/2024Arlington, TXAT&T Stadium$146
08/01/2024Kansas City, MOGEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium$175
08/02/2024Kansas City, MOGEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium$112
08/08/2024Las Vegas, NVAllegiant Stadium$133
08/09/2024Las Vegas, NVAllegiant Stadium$134

Why is Morgan Wallen so Famous?

Some new and die-hard fans may wonder why Morgan Wallen is so famous or is Morgan Wallen the top country artist of 2023? Morgan Wallen is no doubt the biggest star in country music, He managed to be on top of Billboard’s country charts for three consecutive years. His high-demand meet-ups and concerts make his tickets a bit expensive.

Final Thoughts

Morgan Wallen is the most famous artist of our century and he has managed to increase his net worth up to $12 million. The main reason why Morgan Wallen tickets are quite expensive is due to huge demand. His concerts tend to get rebooked early and sometimes even before the week starts. Morgan Wallen’s art and creativity touched a lot of hearts and his fame made his concert tickets so expensive. Most of the fans are displeased with these high-priced tickets but still, it does not stop them from meeting their beloved singer.

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