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David Roger Johansen, also known as Buster Poindexter, is one of the most eminent musicians of his time. He was a part of the New York Dolls and a favorite among thousands. Besides music, Johansen also stepped into acting and enjoyed a splendid career. His career spans over decades, making him a popular figure. This article tells you about Buster Poindexter’s net worth, his career, and much more.

Who is Buster Poindexter?

David Johansen Buster Poindexter is a popular musician who made his name in the music industry. Johansen was born on January 9, 1950, in Staten Island, New York City. He is 73 years old as of 2023.

His father was a sales worker with experience in soap opera singing. Meanwhile, his mother was of Irish descent and worked as a librarian. Both his parents had an American nationality.

David Johansen married Cyrinda Foxe in 1977. However, the marriage lasted only a year, and they parted ways in 1978. Later, he married Kate Simon in 1983, and they were together till 2011. Afterward, Buster Poindexter took vows with Mara Hennessey; they are still married.

Besides his wives, there is no information regarding any of Buster Poindexter’s children. It is said that he does not have any kids.

Before we tell you about Buster Poindexter net worth, here’s a sneak peek into his career.

Buster Poindexter Career

Buster Poindexter entered the music industry and soon became a famous name. He began his career as the lead singer with the Vagabond Missionaries in Staten Island. However, he gained nationwide fame after becoming a part of New York Dolls as a singer and songwriter. Gaining critical appreciation in the 70s and 80s, he became a commercial success in the 90s.

Despite growing popularity, New York Dolls soon disintegrated. Jerry Nolan and Johnny left the band, leaving Sylvian and David Johansen behind, who continued to produce music together. Eventually, Johansen also left the group to pursue his solo career. Thus, the band dissolved in 1976.

Opposed to common anticipation regarding solo David Johansen Buster Poindexter songs, he became a sensation soon. After leaving New York Dolls in 1976, he released his first two solo albums: David Johansen and In Style. His album, David Johansen, also made it to the top 100 in Australia in August 1978. Furthermore, he released two more albums, The David Johansen Group Live and Live It Up.

He continued writing music for his solo albums and released Sweet Revenge and Here Comes the Night. Johansen received the title of Buster Poindexter after he appeared in an Uptown Horns advertisement. Later, Johansen released his hit song Hot Hot Hot under his pseudonym Buster Poindexter.

His popularity led to his appearances in shows like Saturday Night Live. He also released Buster Poindexter’s Happy Hour and Buster Poindexter’s Spanish Rocket Ship, which focused on alcohol and arts, respectively. Moreover, Johansen created a band called The Banshees of Blue.

Johansen and his group mates often shared the stage despite leaving the group. Sylvian and David Johansen were often seen singing myriad songs even after going their separate ways professionally.

Buster Poindexter Movies

After giving successful Buster Poindexter songs, he moved to the acting industry to give it a shot. He appeared in Oz on the HBO channel in the 1980s. Following Oz, the audience saw him in The Adventures of Pete episode, On Golden Plate. Later, he appeared in an episode of The Jim Henson Hour.

This was a start to his expansive acting career, and he starred in various projects like Mister Nanny, Car 54, Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, Freejack, A Very Murray Christmas, and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. He gained fame after appearing in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Let it Ride, and Scrooged. At the same time, he also offered his voice for Ding Dong Daddy in Teen Titans. His last on-screen performance was Personality Crisis: One Night Only.

Buster Poindexter Net Worth

David Johansen Buster Poindexter net worth is $2 million.

He earned his money from his music and acting career. There are no reports of other ventures, investments, or brand endorsements. He receives money from professional contracts and lives on the money he saved during his career peak.

David Johansen Achievement and Awards

Buster Poindexter songs and movies have received global acclaim, and he was awarded multiple times. Here are David Johansen’s awards and achievements:

  • 1982: Theatre World Award for “The Nightingale”
  • 1982: Outer Critics Circle Award nomination and Drama Desk Award nomination for “The Nightingale”
  • 1987: Gold record for “Hot, Hot, Hot”
  • 1989: ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for Scrooged
  • 1993: CableACE Award for Best Performance in a Music Special or Series for “Buster Poindexter’s Happy Hour”
  • 1996: BMI Film and Television Award for “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”
  • 2004: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction as a member of the New York Dolls
  • 2011: Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album

The Bottom Line

David Johansen Buster Poindexter has been known for his music and acting accomplishments since the 1970s. He started his career as the lead singer for Vagabond Missionaries in Staten Island. However, he later joined New York Dolls in 1975, which became his ticket to music success. Johansen later left New York Dolls in 1976 and released his first solo albums: David Johansen and In Style. Furthermore, he stepped into acting in the 1980s to prove his capabilities. Buster Poindexter’s net worth is $2 million as of 2023.


Does David Johansen still perform?

David Johansen does not star in movies and concerts now, but he hosts a weekly show called David Johansen’s Mansion of Fun on Sirius Satellite Radio.

How many of the New York Dolls are still alive?

Sadly, after Sylvain Sylvain’s death on January 13, 2021, David Johansen is the last living member of the band.

What is Buster Poindexter famous for?

David Johansen, also known as Buster Poindexter, is famous for his contributions to the music industry. He is popular for being a part of the New York Dolls band and acting in Scrooged.

What kind of music is Buster Poindexter?

Buster Poindexter produced glam punk, hard rock, jump blues, pop, and swing blues music.

What movies did David Johansen play in?

David Johansen appeared in movies like Candy Mountain, Scrooged, and Married To The Mob. Moreover, he has had guest appearances in The Equalizer and Miami Vice.

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