Does Period Blood Make a Man Fall in Love

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Period blood has been a topic of discussion for decades and centuries. While many think of it as a unique natural phenomenon that makes women special, others believe that the blood is impure. With various bizarre online trends, people have also been wondering, “Does period blood make a man fall in love?”

Though there is no scientific research on the topic, many men and women have shared their opinions. Moreover, it has been related to different activities in the past that make people think it’s true. But is it?

So, if you are also wondering if period blood makes men fall in love, you may just find your answer here.

Does Period Blood have Positive Energy?

Energies associated with period blood are debatable. People from one school of thought believe that period blood is impure and you must stay away from it. You should immediately wash or dispose of clothes stained with period blood. However, another school of thought says this phenomenon is pure and brings positive energy. Many people also associate the positive energy with the moon as women in the past tracked their menstrual cycles (period) with the moon.

Does Period Blood Make a Man Fall in Love?

Now, coming to the big question, “Does period blood make a man fall in love?” The answers vary. If you believe in magic and sorcery, period blood has been used to make potions in the past that make men fall in love.

Many cultures and mythologies in the world use period blood to make love potions. It is unsure if it’s destiny or if these potions work, but many think that they got the love of their lives through these potions. Witchcraft included the use of period blood in distant practices to make someone fall in love with you or feed the potion to the targeted person directly. People often mixed it with drinks or food to get the desired results.

However, all this requires care and vigilance, as many men believe that period blood can harm them. Some cultures also say that period blood attracts evil spirits.

What do Modern Sorcerers Say?

Even with changing times, people wonder if modern sorcerers believe the same about, “Does period blood make a man fall in love?”

Modern sorcerers do not encourage spells and potions with period blood as they believe this is a psychic rape. Forcing someone to love or to be with you against their will is not right. It also relates that if the witchery works and he falls in love with you, you are stuck for life. You might fall out of love with him, but he would still love you.

Moreover, these spells are incredibly difficult to cast and may result in complications. Thus, modern sorcerers do not engage in these activities as they are against the other person’s will. They also mention that if the other person does not know you or dislikes you, these spells don’t really work.

Yet, you may ask for a spell to find the right person, not a particular person in mind. Some people share their experiences about meeting their type of person through sorcery. But it does not involve period blood to make men fall in love.

What does Medical Science Say about Period Blood and Love?

If you ask a doctor, “does period blood make a man obsessed,” don’t be surprised by their look. They might not encounter this question often as it has nothing to do with science or medicine.

There is no scientific evidence that period blood can make a man fall in love.

Period blood is a bodily fluid with no impact on a person’s (read: man’s) emotions. You might feel overwhelmed and emotional or loving towards your partner during your period. But it has nothing to do with making them fall in love with you.

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Opposed to common perceptions, period blood is not really a waste or toxic material until you have any blood-borne diseases. It comprises blood from your body that may range from bright red to brown; all are fine. Moreover, it has an endometrial lining, secretions from the cervix and vagina, and bacteria.

What do Men Think about Period Blood?

Contrary to some women believing that period blood can make men fall in love, most men find it disgusting. They mention it is not about period blood in particular but any bodily secretions. On the other hand, some think that it’s normal and nothing to hue and cry about.

Surveys show that men fear mood swings and feel bad that women have to go through it every month, and some are happy they do not have to experience it. However, none of them related it to romance or falling in love.

What Makes a Man Fall in Love?

Now that you know the answer to “Does period blood make a man fall in love?” It’s important to know there are other ways. They do not include making potions or adding period blood to food or drinks. But here are a few things to consider:

  • Guys Love Confident Women. So, be comfortable in being who you are. Do not try to change yourself to fit the society or become a different person to be liked.
  • Make them Feel like they Matter. Go the extra mile, be there emotionally, and shower them with thoughtful gifts.
  • Do not Mistrust them or be Dishonest to them. People with morals and values value integrity and honesty. Thus, it is important to trust them and be honest.
  • Give them Space, and do not cling to them all the time. Men like their space. Let them breathe and understand their life to show that you care.
  • Instead of Playing Mind Games, communicate and be open. Get in touch and share what you feel about them. If they are not ready, ask about spending time together before deciding. Show that you like them but do not seem desperate.
  • Appreciate their efforts when they do something for you. Regardless of how big or small, make them feel loved and valued.

The Bottom Line

The sanctity and purity of period blood have always been under debate. Some cultures find it pure and blessed, while others think it’s impure and attracts evil spirits. In the past, witches used period blood in potions to attract men to fall in love. So, people today also wonder, “Does period blood make a man fall in love?” The answer is no. Scientific research shows no relation between period blood and love.

While women may feel more or less love towards their partners during their period, it does not influence men. Moreover, modern sorcerers do not encourage using period blood for witchcraft and call it psychic rape.


Can period blood have any effect on men?

Period blood does not have any effect on men and does not make them fall in love. Periods result from unfertilized eggs, leading to the shedding of the uterine lining for pregnancy. Some men find it gross, while others consider it a natural phenomenon.

What is period blood used for?

In the past period, blood has been used to make charms and potions for love, fertility, and passion. It has been believed to have magical powers that attract men and make them fall in love. However, now, these myths are considered obsolete, and most people do not believe in them.

How do men fall in love?

Scientifically, neurotransmitters and hormones like vasopressin and oxytocin play a significant role when men and women fall in love. Men experience higher levels of vasopressin and dopamine. Oxytocin also contributes to emotional responses in men but at a later stage.

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