Ed Gein’s Last Words

Ed Gein

Ed Gein is one of the most brutal murderers and body parts thieves in history. He was born in 1906 in Wisconsin county. His parents had a strained relationship, which impacted his personality. He lived on his own after the death of his parents and brother. In 1957, the sudden disappearance of Bernice Worden, a store employee in Plainfield, led to the search for Ed Gein. This unfolded many more horrifying details of his life. This article tells you Ed Gein last words and everything else about this infamous criminal.

Who is Ed Gein?

Edward Theodore Gein, or Ed Gein, was born in the Wisconsin country in 1906; he died in 1984. His parents, George Philip Gein and Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, did not have a good relationship. Ed Gein also had a brother named Henry George Gein. Ed’s father was a heavy drinker, while his mother was very religious, eventually leading to arguments and a bad relationship. This deteriorating relationship impacted Ed, and he was a quiet and reserved young boy during his childhood.

Ed’s mother did not let her kids meet other people to protect them from the world’s immorality. His peers bullied him because of his lack of social skills and shyness. Ed loved his mother dearly, as she had suffered at the hands of her husband. However, Henry did not appreciate his mother’s outlook on the world and began challenging her. Later, Henry passed away in 1944 in a fire. Ed reported Henry missing to the police but then guided them to his burnt body with a head bruise.

Ed lived with his mother after Henry’s death and did not meet anyone else like before. His mother passed away in 1945. Ed started living independently after his mother’s death, reading horrors and cannibals. He did odd jobs to pay his bills and sometimes participated in the community’s municipal crews.

Before we tell you Ed Gein last words, here’s what he was known and incarcerated for:

What is Ed Gein Known For?

Ed Gein is infamous for being a body thief and a serial killer. He was found guilty of murdering two women. Ed also exhumed bodies from cemeteries to make trophies and souvenirs from their bones and skins. People also call him “The Butcher of Plainfield.”

In 1957, the sudden disappearance of Bernice Worden, a store employee in Plainfield, led to the search for Ed Gein. The police searched for him as he was the last customer at the store before Bernice Worden disappeared.

The police found Bernice Worden’s beheaded body in his shed. The body was hanging upside down with ropes. The investigation further revealed that Bernice was shot with a rifle.

The authorities also found human skulls, and clothing and furniture made of human skin and other body parts. Ed told the police that he murdered and buried women who reminded him of his mother. Reports showed he had the remains of 10 women in his shed.

His heinous crimes inspired many movies and horror novels in the US. Characters like “Norman Bates” in “Psycho,” “Ezra Cobb” in “Deranged,” “Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield,” etc., were inspired by him.

Ed Gein Last Words

Ed Gein Last Words were, “I had my fun,” with a smile on his face. It showed that Ed had no remorse for what he had done.

He also mentioned, “I would like to give my love to my friends and family.”

What Happened to Ed Gein?

Ed Gein was sent to the Central State Hospital in Waupun after being deemed unfit for trial. Later, he was moved to Wisconsin’s “Mendota State Hospital.” He was considered healthy in 1968, found guilty, and incarcerated for life, which he served in a mental health facility.

Ed Gein died of lung cancer at Mendota Mental Health Institute in 1984 at 77. He was buried in the Plainfield cemetery. People chipped away sections of the gravestone and vandalized it.

The Bottom Line

Ed Gein, also known as “The Butcher of Plainfield,” is an infamous murderer and body parts thief. He was born in the Wisconsin country in 1906. His childhood was not very pleasant, which negatively influenced his personality. After his mother’s death, he started living alone and reading horror novels. The police found women’s body parts in his shed, and he was incarcerated for life. Ed Gein died in 1984. Ed Gein last words were, “I would like to give my love to my friends and family.”

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