The Best Tips on How to Treat a Wound on a Dog

Treat a Wound on a Dog

Did your dog get cut or hurt itself somehow?

This is not uncommon and it happens even more often during the winter months as dogs tend to get more territorial as the population grows smaller due to the pandemic.

While it may be tempting to take your dog to a vet, if you know how to treat a healthy dog right away, you can save yourself trips (and money) later on. Keep reading to learn more about how to treat a wound on a dog.

Assess the Wound

Take the time to examine the dog’s wounds carefully. Note its size, depth, and whether it appears clean or contaminated. If there’s a foreign object embedded, like a splinter or thorn, do not attempt to remove it yourself, as you may cause more harm. Leave such removal to a veterinarian.

Clean Hands and Wound

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use disposable gloves. This is essential to prevent introducing any harmful bacteria into the wound. Use a clean cloth or cotton ball to dab away debris and dirt. Avoid scrubbing, as this can damage tissue.

Control Bleeding

If the wound is actively bleeding, use a clean cloth or sterile gauze pad to apply gentle but firm pressure directly to the wound. Elevate the wounded area, if possible, to reduce blood flow to the area. Check to see if the bleeding stops after 5-10 minutes. Suppose it doesn’t contact a vet immediately.

Trim Fur

Carefully trim the fur around the wound using blunt-tipped scissors in long-haired breeds. Make sure not to cut the skin while doing so accidentally. Trimming the fur prevents it from getting into the wound, making it more difficult to clean and heal.

Things to Think About Before Getting a Dog


Apply a veterinarian-recommended antiseptic solution to the wound. This helps kill bacteria and prevent infection. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide, as it can damage healthy tissue.

Use a gentle, non-stinging antiseptic solution, preferably one suggested by your vet. Additionally, consider enhancing your pet care knowledge with a Pet CPR and Dog First Aid Certification course from to be even more prepared for emergencies.

Dress the Wound

Depending on the size and location of the wound, it may require a dressing. Use sterile gauze pads to cover the wound and secure them with a bandage or self-adhesive wrap. Ensure the dressing isn’t too tight, as it can restrict blood flow and cause further damage.

Follow Vet’s Guidance

Always follow your veterinarian’s recommendations and instructions for wound care. They may want to examine the wound periodically to assess its progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Learn How to Treat a Wound on a Dog Like a Pro

How to treat a wound on a dog? Appropriate home treatment of a dog wound will help it heal faster while avoiding further infection. By using the tips in this article, owners can apply the right care and protect their pets.

If the wound is severe or doesn’t seem to improve, talk to a vet for additional help. Keeping our furry friends healthy is an important responsibility of their owners.

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