Top Features to Consider When Shopping for a Small Boat Trailer

Shopping for a Small Boat Trailer

Are you looking to add a boat to your collection of vehicles?

Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or someone looking to travel the water, you need the right equipment to help you. A boat is the best way to get out there and travel, whether you’re going on the lake or out into the ocean.

Once you have it, you need a way to transport it. A small boat trailer is the ideal option for your needs. If you’re looking for a boat trailer, you need help making a decision.

Read below for an idea of all the features you should take into consideration when shopping around.

Load Capacity: Ensure It Can Carry Your Boat

The first thing to consider when shopping for a small boat trailer is its load capacity. You’ll want a trailer that can safely carry your boat’s weight. To determine the load capacity you need, calculate your boat’s weight, including any additional gear or equipment you plan to transport. Always choose a trailer with a capacity slightly higher than your boat’s weight to ensure safety and longevity.

Trailer Material: Durable and Rust-Resistant

The boat trailer material plays a crucial role in its longevity and durability. Most small boat trailers are made of either steel or aluminum. Steel trailers are robust and typically less expensive, but they can be prone to rust if not properly maintained. Aluminum trailers are lightweight and rust-resistant, making them a popular choice, although they can be more expensive upfront.

Trailer Brakes: Stay Safe on the Road

If you’re planning to tow your small boat trailer on highways or steep terrain, consider a trailer with brakes. Brakes provide additional safety and control when you’re towing a load. Some trailers come with surge brakes that engage when you slow down, while others have electric brakes that require a controller in your tow vehicle.

Suspension System: Smooth and Stable Ride

A good suspension system is essential for a smooth and stable ride when towing your boat. Leaf spring or torsion bar suspensions are common choices for small boat trailers. The right suspension will help reduce vibrations and shocks, protecting your boat during transit.

Trailer Tires: Sturdy and Appropriate Size


Invest in quality small boat trailer tires that are appropriate for the size and weight of your boat and trailer. Ensure they are properly inflated before hitting the road to prevent blowouts. Additionally, consider purchasing a spare tire and a tire-changing kit for emergencies. 

Corrosion Resistance: Protection Against the Elements

Given that boat trailers are often exposed to water, it’s essential to choose a trailer that has adequate corrosion resistance. Look for trailers with galvanized or powder-coated finishes, which offer protection against rust and corrosion. Choosing the correct boat trailer isn’t rocket science, but knowing that it will last for a long time gives you peace of mind and ensures your boating adventures remain worry-free.

Invest in a Small Boat Trailer for a Smooth Sailing Ride

When shopping for a small boat trailer, it is important to prioritize features such as size, weight capacity, stability, and durability. These factors will not only ensure safe transportation of your boat but also make your boating experience more enjoyable. So why wait? Start your search for the perfect boat trailer today! Happy boating!

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