How to Get Dental Benefits on Medicare

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Oral care can affect your overall care. Poor oral hygiene can contribute to several problems, including tooth loss and buildup of plaque. If you don’t take care of your teeth and gums, you could attract health problems into your life such as gingivitis, halitosis, gum disease, and mouth sores, just to name a few. Periodontal disease can also be a cause for concern if you don’t look out for your oral health.

As you get older, dental services become more complicated. This is the case for the disabled community and elderly patients with medical problems. At the time of this writing, over 96% of Americans are currently on Medicare. Most of them may not know that it doesn’t offer the kind of dental coverage they’re seeking.

When choosing the right Medicare plan, you want to ensure that it comes with dental benefits. It’s already challenging to find the right Medicare plan for your needs, but you shouldn’t end your search there. You want to continue your search so you have the right dental coverage that includes basic coverage and some.

This is important for maintaining a healthy smile as you get older. Dental services provide the need for additional services whether you’re going for your bi-annual checkup or you need a new crown. There might be instances where you need add-on services not provided by Original Medicare.

You may find that you need dentures or implants. When it comes to these procedures, there are risks involved, such as heart issues and the effects of prescription drugs. It’s imperative to find a Medicare plan that offers the type of dental coverage you need — especially in emergency situations. Get a head start on your search by keeping the following tips in mind.

Does Medicare Offer Dental Services?

Medicare Parts A and B don’t offer dental benefits, such as cleanings, fillings, exams, crowns, dentures, bridges, or plates. Exceptions only include injuries, hospital stays, or illnesses, but you will otherwise pay out of pocket for dental services. That can get costly as the required services are invasive and complicated. There are some ways that you can get dental benefits while on Medicare.

Ways to Get Dental Benefits on Medicare

There are several ways that you can get dental benefits while on Medicare. Some of your options may be to check your local area, shop for private Medicare plans, join a Medicare Advantage plan, or consider joining your spouse’s insurance plan.

Local Plans

First, you should search for benefits in your area. The Medicare website has an online tool where you can search by zip code. It generates a list of available plans in your area. You can compare the results and learn more about what each one offers.

The online list provides information such as annual costs and plan ratings. This can help you find the right plan for your dental needs. You can also contact the available insurance companies that can answer any questions you may have about coverage and dental services. You should do your research before selecting a plan that only sounds good on paper.

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Private Medical Plans

A private Medicare plan allows you to buy directly from a health insurance provider. These plans include what’s missing from your Medicare coverage, such as dental, hearing, and vision. Coverage varies by plan, so make sure to read the fine print or ask questions before enrolling.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are often referred to as Part C plans according to this website. They offer additional benefits, such as dental services. Other benefits include hearing, vision, and prescription coverage. There are several plans to choose from that over various coverage and premium options.

Keep your personal needs in mind when choosing the right plan. Going back to the example that you may need dentures. You should opt for a Medicare Advantage plan that includes coverage for dentures.

Spouse’s Dental Plan

If possible, you can get dental benefits through your spouse’s plan. Your spouse may still be working or have a Medicare plan that includes dental coverage. In the event that both spouses use the same coverage, you will have to enroll for individual dental coverage.

Getting regular dental services is important for your overall health. You want to keep your options open when it comes to finding the right coverage that meets your needs. If you’re still unsure about what to do, you can always speak with a Medicare expert who can address your questions and concerns. In this case, it would be a Medicare broker or sales representative.

They can guide you through the enrollment process. Also, they can explain each of your options in greater detail. This way, you’ll feel more confident about selecting dental coverage that helps take care of your smile.

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